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  1. Deluxe version with a live performance of the album available in June https://www.popmarket.com/love-is-the-king-live-is-the-king/051497284916?utm_campaign=2212212201&utm_medium=email&utm_source=zaius
  2. AGIB came out around when I first heard Wilco. Definitely looking forward to that reissue, but I doubt there's nearly as much in the vaults for those songs are there were for YHF. Much simpler songs, fewer members, Tweedy was going through a notoriously rough time in his personal life. He might not even want to do a deep dive into all that.
  3. Just saw the YHF show in NYC. Splurged for the 11LP in silver. Love this album and will likely listen o the 6 LPs of demos and mixes more than the original album. I've loved the 3 previous reissues, this one seems like the pinnacle.
  4. Shipping is $4 My Morning Jacket - My Morning Jacket Does Gold Hole 7" $77.00 Pearl Jam - No Jeremy 10" $17.00 Pearl Jam / Matt Cameron - EODM PJMC 7" $19.00 Neil Young - Roxy (Tonight's The Night Live) $20.00 Neil Young - Live At Massey Hall 1971 $109.00
  5. Release Date: October 29, 2021 Red marble: https://shop.thewarondrugs.net/collections/idlha/products/i-dont-live-here-anymore-2x12-vinyl-red-marble Blue marble, looks to be indie exclusive: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35182043/the-war-on-drugs-i-dont-live-here-anymore-blue-translucent-vinyl-2lp
  6. Just recently got the colored version from WalMart, so I won't be buying this, but definitely interested in hearing some of those covers.
  7. Yep. I saw it on instagram and my order went through at 1:09 EDT. Got the announcement email at 1:14.
  8. There's also a clear version available from indie shops
  9. The US and EU Wilco shops are using the exact same photo
  10. Just got an email from Target saying the copy of Ten I ordered online was delayed because it is backordered. I wonder just how many of these were pressed.
  11. Just got the Transparent Green and damn this sounds good.
  12. Jeff Tweedy just announced on his Instagram live. Released Nov 6. 5LP, demos and a live show from 1999. Much like the Being There Deluxe Edition a couple years back. EDIT: The five-LP set features Bob Ludwig’s 2020 remastered studio album as well as the unreleased demos, alternates and outtake recordings pressed on 180-gram vinyl. However, instead of the Colorado concert included in the CD package, the LP version contains a special, exclusive performance from early 1999 titled, An Unmitigated Disaster, a previously unreleased live in-store performance at Tower Records on March 11, 1999, just two days after the album was released. The 10-song set, which was broadcast on Chicago radio station WXRT-FM, highlights several tracks from Summerteeth (“We’re Just Friends,” “How To Fight Loneliness” and “Can’t Stand It”). This show will only be available in the LP collection. All versions of Summerteeth: Deluxe Edition – Black Vinyl, Color Vinyl, CD - are designed by original Summerteeth art director Lawrence Azerrad. The iconic cover art is revisited and reimagined with deluxe treatments, including metallic foil packaging. Liner notes are written by MOJO editor John Mulvey and include new interviews with original band members, Jeff Tweedy and John Stirratt. Track Listing: LP One - Original Album Side One 1. CAN’T STAND IT 2. SHE’S A JAR 3. A SHOT IN THE ARM 4. WE’RE JUST FRIENDS Side Two 1. I’M ALWAYS IN LOVE 2. NOTHING’SGONNASTANDINMYWAY (AGAIN) 3. PIEHOLDEN SUITE 4. HOW TO FIGHT LONELINESS LP Two - Original Album Side One 1. VIA CHICAGO 2. ELT 3. MY DARLING 4. WHEN YOU WAKE UP FEELING OLD Side Two 1. SUMMER TEETH 2. IN A FUTURE AGE 3. CANDY FLOSS 4. A SHOT IN THE ARM (REMIX) LP Three - Outtakes/Alternates/Demos Side One 1. TRIED AND TRUE (DEMO) 2. I’M ALWAYS IN LOVE (DEMO) 3. A SHOT IN THE ARM (DEMO) 4. I’LL SING IT (DEMO) 5. TWO GUITARS (INSTRUMENTAL) (DEMO) 6. CANDY FLOSS (DEMO) 7. IN A FUTURE AGE (DEMO) Side Two 1. NO HURRY (DEMO) 2. SHE’S A JAR (DEMO) 3. CAN’T LOCATOR IT (GUITAR RIFF DEMO) 4. NOTHING’SEVERGONNASTANDINMYWAY (AGAIN) (DEMO) 5. SUMMER TEETH (SLOW RHODES VERSION) 6. PIEHOLDEN SUITE (ALTERNATE) LP Four - Outtakes/Alternates/Demos Side One 1. I’M ALWAYS IN LOVE (EARLY RUN THROUGH) 2. MY DARLING (ALTERNATE) 3. TRIED AND TRUE (ALTERNATE) 4. SHE’S A JAR (ALTERNATE) 5. NOTHING’SEVERGONNASTANDINMYWAY (AGAIN) (ALTERNATE) 6. CANDY FLOSS (INTRO) Side Two 1. EVERY LITTLE THING (ALTERNATE) 2. VIKING DAN (OUTTAKE) 3. WE’RE JUST FRIENDS/YEE HAW (INSTRUMENTAL) (10/29/99 MINNEAPOLIS SOUNDCHECK) 4. SUMMER TEETH (ALTERNATE) 5. IN A FUTURE AGE (TAKE 3) LP Five – An Unmitigated Disaster: 3/11/99 Tower Records/WXRT Side One 1. I’M ALWAYS IN LOVE 2. VIA CHICAGO 3. HOW TO FIGHT LONELINESS 4. SHE’S A JAR Side Two 1. WE’RE JUST FRIENDS 2. CAN’T STAND IT 3. I GOT YOU (AT THE END OF THE CENTURY) 4. FORGET THE FLOWERS 5. CALIFORNIA STARS Deluxe edition produced and compiled by Cheryl Pawelski and Jeff Tweedy with Tom Schick Bonus studio tracks and demos mixed by Tom Schick at The Loft, Chicago, IL Cassette demo restorations by Michael Graves at Osiris Studio, Los Angeles, CA Live at Tower Records/WXRT 3/11/99 broadcast engineered and mixed by Mike Konopka, assisted by Dan Glomski for Metro Mobile Recording, Timothy R. Powell. Engineered for WXRT by John Carey Live at the Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO, 11/1/99 recorded by Adam Roehlke, courtesy of Warner Swain All tracks in this edition mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME, in May 2020 Vinyl mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios, Hollywood, CA Original and deluxe edition art direction and design by Lawrence Azerrad Liner notes written by John Mulvey
  13. I've seen Desparecidos and Monsters of Folk, but never just Conor or BE. Hoping for a tour.
  14. It looks really good, but I've already purchased Warm, Warmer, and the black box set.
  15. Color splatter box of Warm and Warmer available now https://wilcostore.com/collections/new-items/products/warm-warmer-vinyl-lp-set-1?variant=31176493695041
  16. Black Friday RSD release https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/11800 Side A: 1. “Oceans” 2. “State Of Love And Trust” 3. “Alive” 4. “Black” Side B: 1. “Jeremy” 2. “Even Flow” 3. “Porch”

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