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  1. Very excited about this. "we’ve carefully restored and formatted the original artwork" Hope the same applies to the audio.
  2. Which were you interested in? I have a couple of them.
  3. Depending on the size of your shelf, there are several companies that make feet that are made specifically for the Kallax.
  4. Looks like it, "LP 1 - Nevermind (Original Album Remastered)" although I've wondered lately if it's even true for all these reissues. I can see some marketing person be all, "Pfff, just say it's remastered who gives a shit." Also, I forgot they included all the Hormoaning and Smart Sessions tracks with the 25th Anni (which ALSO said newly remastered!) so they're targeting repeat buyers here for sure. I just have that sweet Pallas, so I'm good.
  5. Agree, this is disappointing. The better idea would have been to include the Hormoaning EP and reduce the live material considerably. Not sure the Pallas press can be bested with a remaster either.
  6. I've received two with the noise issue. Apparently they are repressing and shipping in October.
  7. Man, Wilco really shaking up the logic of releases on this one. I love them, but at this point who needs this?
  8. That’s the thing. VMP publicized on their site that it was cut by BGM and pressed at Pallas. I think people also have posted that it has the ! In the dead wax. I’m just trying to see if the standard edition is the same run, which would mean it is also.
  9. Exactly. I’m not trying to troll anyone, just trying to clarify. CB is clearly referring to self titled and makes no mention of SFTD.
  10. Ordered, thanks. Big shame about the fire. Believers was awesome, so hopefully this will be too.
  11. I’m glad I let my DRA completicism go. Also, on the colors, Strokes did it.
  12. Confirmation email says (Splatter) so maybe that will eventually disappear?
  13. In for that sweet candy. Wax Ecstatic is beyond needed at this point, though.