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  1. Man, Wilco really shaking up the logic of releases on this one. I love them, but at this point who needs this?
  2. That’s the thing. VMP publicized on their site that it was cut by BGM and pressed at Pallas. I think people also have posted that it has the ! In the dead wax. I’m just trying to see if the standard edition is the same run, which would mean it is also.
  3. Exactly. I’m not trying to troll anyone, just trying to clarify. CB is clearly referring to self titled and makes no mention of SFTD.
  4. Ordered, thanks. Big shame about the fire. Believers was awesome, so hopefully this will be too.
  5. I’m glad I let my DRA completicism go. Also, on the colors, Strokes did it.
  6. Confirmation email says (Splatter) so maybe that will eventually disappear?
  7. In for that sweet candy. Wax Ecstatic is beyond needed at this point, though.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/daniel_h Lots of vinyl, booze, and food. Cheers.
  9. I was in the second wave of US orders and I have mine. However, the address label was incorrect and it was going to be returned to sender. I had to hassle USPS to snag it before it left town. That said, I've ordered from Rough Trade UK many times with no issues, other than the prices.
  10. A few years back my friends and I ordered Mars Volta's Noctourniquet, all of our jackets showed up absolutely wrecked. All of us contacted HM for help, and they told us the same thing, that it wasn't their problem. I don't expect a replacement for a simple bumped corner, and this was much beyond. For an expensive record with expensive shipping, to boot. I vowed to never do business with them again.
  11. Any other band, and I would assume a mistake, but not with Thom. The hyphen is only necessary with a compound modifier, so, A Moon-Shaped Pool = a pool shaped like the moon Since the hyphen isn't there, it has a different meaning, A Moon Shaped Pool = a pool shaped by the moon (its gravitational pull) I interpret that as the ocean, but take it as you please. Not sure what's up with the National album title, can't help there.
  12. The Beatles in Mono vinyl box was all analog, from the original tapes. Please Please Me had a new master tape, but still analog. Sign me up so fast for an Ænima reissue, either way though, that's awesome news.

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