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  1. Brooklyn's Journalism has just put up their debut album Faces for pre-order on cassette. It's a limited run of 100 units on printed white shells with a 4-panel J card. Listen to the first song "Watching & Waiting" and see the rest on Bandcamp.
  2. Some info for you guys... 1. Indiemerch variant is a 1,500 unit pressing for the band. I imagine they'll take these on the road too. 2. MerchNow blue/red variant is a 500 unit pressing. Once they sell out, MerchNow goes to 2xLP BLACK [500] 3. The purple/green as seen on Amazon is for US retail (it'll go to indie stores too) and is a run of 3,000 units 4. The European pre-order variant is a run of 1,600 - HERE - Mike (Razor & Tie)
  3. We're running a Back to School sale over at MerchNow. Save 10% on your order with the checkout code bak2skool. ** Pre-orders not included ** Go right to the vinyl page here: http://razorandtie.merchnow.com/products/bycode?code=LP Some notable pieces... The Hold Steady - Teeth Dreams 2xLP - Black Protest The Hero - Volition 2xLP - Green/Brown Swirl Such Gold - Misadventures - Orange [ltd to 250] and loads of Emerson Lake and Palmer anniversary presses and picture discs.
  4. Pre-order bundles are now available for Yellowcard's forthcoming album Lift A Sail (October 7.) The MerchNow bundles include Red / Blue / Yellow splatter on Purple Vinyl *EXCLUSIVE to the US Pre-Order* http://yellowcard.merchnow.com Australia has an exclusive color as well: Blue / red / yellow splatter pattern with Australian exclusive yellow base colour http://www.liftasail.com.au/store/yellowcard-lift-a-sail-vinyl-music-album-vinyl-5049936
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Vinyl-only and CD-only items will go up for purchase on Tuesday 8/19 (the same day that the digital pre-order goes up.)
  6. This will be the only variant until it sells out. What do you dislike about the bundle offerings?
  7. I'm inclined to believe that the band was not aware of this Brainstorm release. The hand is actually a real place in Chile - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mano_del_Desierto - so technically it's fair game.
  8. Finch's forthcoming new album Back To Oblivion (September 30) is now available for pre-order via MerchNow. Hear the first new song "Two Guns to the Temple" via Alt Press here. The album is limited to 1000 copies and is pressed on 12" black vinyl. The album releases September 30th, but vinyl will not ship until early November due to manufacturing delays. - Mike / Razor & Tie
  9. My pre-order from Soundstage Direct arrived this afternoon. Fantastic packaging/artwork across the board and the vinyl looks badass.
  10. Pre-order are now available for Chelsea Grin's third full-length album Ashes to Ashes. Black + White Marble 2xLP Gatefold Vinyl Limited to 1,000 units Includes limited edition Chelsea Grin bandana Pre-orders include limited edition autographed 11" x 17" poster Estimated ship date: July 15, 2014 Available at http://chelseagrin.merchnow.com
  11. Damn this is crazy. I was here refreshing on True Widow and never even saw it become available.
  12. Loved this band/record at the time. Not sure if I've got enough nostalgia in me to drop the necessary cash. That said I'm sure it will sell just fine, cause it IS awesome!