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  1. I have the exact opposite opinion. SLAVES OF FEAR feels like a lighter, kind of watered down, version of DEATH MAGIC. DM was immediate for me, this one will be a grower.
  2. Big ol' bump: just discovered these guys last night. Highly recommended. Merchbucket is having a Valentine's Day sale and I was able to grab this for $15 shipped.
  3. I did a quick search and did not see that these guys were brought up anywhere on VC. I was under the impression they were a lot more well known than they are. Certainly, some of you have probably heard this? Maybe I am just the only one who likes it?
  4. I also found myself listening to Boundless a lot last year when I wasn't sure what else to listen to; tired of the regular rotation. It inadvertently became my AOTY. Not new, and mentioned multiple times (between both threads, I believe), but I checked out Ghost Shirt Society by Antethic a few weeks ago. I can not stop listening to it. It gives me The American Dollar vibes without being The American Dollar at all (I'm not good at analogies.)
  5. For a band that lives in my back yard, I'm really sore they don't play more/any shows. Unborn does not get old. I still haven't checked out their full length, and now I'm scared.
  6. Full Collapse tonight War All the Time tomorrow night
  7. I actually was not extra impressed either, but a few of the songs are not too shabby. I sort of fell off the post-rock train because a lot of it is "not too bad, but not too great," and the excitement waned tremendously. Going to try and make 2019 the year I find exciting post-rock again.
  8. Boston piece for my mom done a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Hereditary is great. I've watched a lot of terrible horror movies recently (not hard to find). but a couple good stand-outs are Before I Wake and The Evil Within (minus Sean Patrick Flanery's really, REALLY bad performance)
  10. I know there's a thread for this somewhere, but I've been watching spookee moviees for the past month. Got an early start, I guess. Whatchu guys watching this month?
  11. I have been throwing Holy Fawn at anyone I think will listen. I am glad to see they are sticking.
  12. I was trying to figure out why I felt like I had already seen this album when it just came out today. I'm usually in the minority of opinion because I'm into this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Revival did set the bar really, really low though.
  13. Raising this thread from the dead. I've been looking into doing the Timberline Trail around Mt. Hood next year. I've never gone on a backcountry/multi-day hike before, so I'm pretty excited.
  14. I actually don't mind the production on this one. This is going to be a grower, for sure, but in a good way. You Wind Me Up is probably the only track that gets the one-eyebrow-raise for me.
  15. I have been away from VC for a lot longer than I thought; I just found out about this today. I am really surprised the hype on this did not explode, this is the only thing I have been wanting since I (for the most part) stopped collecting. Still up on Bullmoose.
  16. Passed away peacefully early this morning.
  17. The Ugly Organ. and most recently, all of Converge.
  18. I loved it. Definitely ridiculous and cheesy at times, but I enjoyed it a lot.