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  1. I received a new Switch recently for my bday, and I will have the next week off to myself to be a piece of shit in front the TV. I bought Undertale (which I am enjoying so much) and grabbed a couple of freebies/cheapies like Brawlhalla. Any recommendations? I'm mostly into turn-based RPG's and racing games.
  2. This is the most least entertaining troll VC has ever had. 0/10. Let this thread die.
  3. About half of the artists have just one play. If that was my library, I'd have an aneurysm.
  4. [not an album but] By the End of Tonight. Was lucky these guys formed near my hometown so I got to see them live a few times. They have a split with Tera Melos called Complex Full of Phantoms.
  5. I will never stop scrobbling. https://www.last.fm/user/deafening_
  6. I farted in the shower about a month ago and forgot to tell you all about it. But you were all in my heart and in my farts.
  7. You watch your dismissive mouth, young man. I really do need to really listen to Dive more.
  8. Dive is my least favorite Tycho album. Someone start a fight with me.
  9. The riff towards the end of Picturesque sounds almost exactly like the riff in Vertigo Flowers, just slowed down a bit. As much as I love the Nothing sound, Nothing still does Nothing better than anyone else who tries to do Nothing.
  10. Bump. Got a Kink Curb complete this weekend.
  11. Beach Fossils tonight. tentative: 4/29: Movements 5/29: Mono 6/29: Appleseed Cast
  12. I can't say I agree with the post-rock tag or Athletics-vocals reference, but I enjoyed this a lot. It's a shame they are virtually unknown. Excited to check out that Blanket album.
  13. This is actually shaping up to be one of the best PR years (for me) in a while, and it's only April. I still have a lot in queue to catch up on, but Old Solar, Wander, and Kosatka are really doing it for me. Especially Old Solar.
  14. I just snagged all the Discworld kindle books that went on sale today; I now have six from the series. Read: zero. Maybe I'll save those for the summer. Just finished Woman in the Window. It is a lot better than I anticipated. Predictable, but kept me engaged. I went into it thinking it would be comparable to Gone Girl, which was an eye-roll of a chore to drudge through.
  15. I have the exact opposite opinion. SLAVES OF FEAR feels like a lighter, kind of watered down, version of DEATH MAGIC. DM was immediate for me, this one will be a grower.
  16. Big ol' bump: just discovered these guys last night. Highly recommended. Merchbucket is having a Valentine's Day sale and I was able to grab this for $15 shipped.
  17. I did a quick search and did not see that these guys were brought up anywhere on VC. I was under the impression they were a lot more well known than they are. Certainly, some of you have probably heard this? Maybe I am just the only one who likes it?
  18. I also found myself listening to Boundless a lot last year when I wasn't sure what else to listen to; tired of the regular rotation. It inadvertently became my AOTY. Not new, and mentioned multiple times (between both threads, I believe), but I checked out Ghost Shirt Society by Antethic a few weeks ago. I can not stop listening to it. It gives me The American Dollar vibes without being The American Dollar at all (I'm not good at analogies.)