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  1. FML, stumbled over that "28 essential songs from the shoegaze / heavy crossover" Brooklyn Vegan article and the Centaur track blew my literally away. Just wow. Now have to find a physical copy, seems like it's very hard to find.
  2. And again: this is nothing more than a cash grab. They should make gatefold covers for this price at least.
  3. Scrolled back a few sites, rediscovered "The Autumns". Anyone knows what happened to the label Handmade Birds and the planned vinyl edition of the first album? http://www.handmadebirds.org/artiststheautumns.html
  4. Arrived, insert included, downloadcard missing. (already bought the mp3s) First spin: Vinyl is dusty, just a few pops, nothing serious. Gonna wash it though. Happy as fuck right now.
  5. Only thing "deluxe" at this release was the price for coloured copies. Fuck Earache.
  6. Thinking about to order it since yesterday. Thing why I hesitate: Does deathwish use proper vinyl mailers? With that extra corner protection? Don't wanna spend a shitload of money to receive a damaged record over there in Europe. Thanks in advance guys!
  7. So this was it on Wednesday. Cheapest copy on discogs so far.
  8. Damn, that would be to good to be true. Can't thank you enough sir!
  9. Glad to fill this gap in my collection. Hope for "Quickness" and "Rise" next in line.
  10. What did they mean with "may have more next week"? New patch of copies? Just a few replacement copies? I'm flippin out if I haven't some positive news soon 😂