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  1. ORG told me black vinyl, cds and cassettes will be available in Europe.
  2. Woha, thanks! Use " WEDIG15 " at the checkout to receive an extra -15% discount. Does anyone know how exactly Diggers Factory works? Ordered along with the Fleeting Joys album two other shoegaze LPs (The Meeting Places, Highspire) and had to pay shipping for every single one. Since they are located in France it wasn't that much and I wanted these albums for a very long time. And need they a "reminder" how to ship vinyl records or they know it by themselves?
  3. Fack, shipping is 25 USD for one tape, 40 USD for one LP/one tape. Gonna sit this out.
  4. Have everything from this band but gonna buy the sh!t out of these reissues. Hope for an European distribution..
  5. New jacket arrived. Packed like a tank. Should have been in the first place.
  6. Thanks! And yes, they send me a replacement sleeve. Fingers crossed.
  7. Mine came with a pretty damaged jacket. Can't believe that someone who sells vinyl nowadays (Polyvinyl UK) still ships with this fucked up oldschool mailers (that without corner protection). My blood boils.. 🤬☹️😳
  8. Record is here. Please don't ask for a download, the card didn't work (yet).
  9. Didn't arrive yet. A Slowdive Ep, what was sent 1 day later is here since monday. Bad fucking luck.
  10. Don't know why or how but jpc.de shipped my Great Dismal order.
  11. Asked myself what happened to the relapse EU store. Maybe it was implemented in the US store, that explains the 9 USD shipping to Europe. Was on the road and managed to snag the /200 deluxe and the red tape on my mobile. That was a slow pain in the ass.

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