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  1. I would get the $20 pack as well, and I second the pizza for SALT deal
  2. It's up and looks great, but I'd like one of those other ones (;
  3. With respect, Holy shit this is DGD blasphemy. Of course we are each welcome to our opinion, but Deathstar is pure gold and the absolute masterpiece of the band. Happiness is definitely a favorite, and even Acceptance Speech, they're right up there in the number one spot but each album is so unique. With that being said, Mess' voice is executed so well on that record, it carries an abrasive, raw attitude that perfectly fits with the theme and music. It's not meant to be pleasant, hence "People You Know" and I wouldn't want it any less harsh on "Rock Solid". If I were to scream, Mess is k
  4. Hey will anybody be catching this tour? Say Anything has a Painful Splits CD that is basically Is A Real Boy... acoustic. They sold out of them tonight and I was bummed to not get one, can anyone help me out on this?
  5. just wondering, was it only cream or black/cream? Either way, if you want the black or black/cream I'll discount for you
  6. Eh, I would just say that was a good purchase. I don't know, maybe it's not worth 80 here currently but it was over 100 before the most recent repress, which is the 4th one anyway
  7. Algernon is this, well worth the price. Also, $25 for the black/cream swirl Calculator record that I don't see very often is not insanely ridiculous I really don't understand how these prices are so out of line...
  8. Prices plus shipping. $4 LP $5 2xLP or 180g $3 cassette I'll figure out shipping on bundles, shouldn't reach more than $8.50 continental US. International is anywhere from $15-25 or more depending brand new tdag triple crown 1st white $80 calculator these roots black $18 calculator these roots black cream mix $24 circa on letting go 3rd blue $35 code orange love is love white $18 copeland eat sleep repeat clear w/ black smoke $38 tdwp plagues purple $65 diamond don't lose your cool 2nd cyan $18 diamond youth orange w splat $38 elliot rsd clear $18 finch wh
  9. Want to pm about snowing algernon and iioi cstvt, my inbox full
  10. thread = official club-joining
  11. Anything Alex G, let me know what you have. CD, tape, vinyl, shirts While I'm at it, interested in anything associated with him or Orchid Tapes

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