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  1. I didn't put pressing info because it'd be a lot of each stuff. Just ask if you're interested in anything. I'll be happy to send pictures of any of them. Most stuff will be between $5-20. Shipping is next to the format. I'm happy to work out whatever bundles you want to do. I'll also trade for anything YMAEWK. Thanks a bunch! If you're interested, here is a link to my records for sale. Cassettes - $2.50 for first 4, $.25 per additional. Acab Rocky - Disgusting Ali Koehler - Dateland Anzio / Wanderer - Split Awe Howler - Living With Spiders (x2) Baseball Cap - Saving Vase Batwings Catwings - Coast To Coast Beach Community - Life's A Beach Ben Folds Five - Whatever And Ever Amen Beverly Tender - Lord Mayor Makes 1,000 Speeches Big Awesome - Birdfeeder Blare - Meant Well Boy Toy - Demo '14 Brightside - Good Enough Broken Beak - Curse Burner Camera Shy - Self Titled Casper Elgin - It's Just A Fucking Demo Citycop - Loner Cymbals Eat Guitar - Lose Dandelion Hands - Bleak Week Dandelion Hands - Is Dead!!! Vol. 1 Dandelion Hands - Is Dead!!! Vol. 2 Dandelion Hands - It's All In Your Head Dead Rigner - Enjoy The Ride Dead Ringer - Demo 2010 Deathdealer - Tragically Human State Dingus. - I Was Never A Boy Scout Drake - If You're Reading This It's Too Late Dude Japan - The Things That Matter Epitaph Records - Fall Sampler 2014 Flashlights - I'm Not Alone Fog Lake - Holy Cross For Everest - No Jazz Rock Front Seat Dream - Be Polite Funeralbloom - Petals Ghost Gum - Demos Ghost Of A Dead Hummingbird - Sin Forma GRYSCL - Finding Comfort In Obsolescence HAPPY BIRTHDAYY - TBALL Henry / Rubythroat - Split Home Again - Acting Out Honduras - Morality Cuts Invisible Path - Hallowed Ground Kissing Party - Looking Back It Was Romantic But At The Time I Was Drowning Kittyhawk - Self Titled LA Font - Hangtime Vol.1 Le Rug - Game Over Light Caverns - Self Titled Loner Chic - Year Of The Goth Mansions - Dig Up The Dead Mathletics - Living Things Around Us Meth Dad / Michael Parallax - Infinity High Fives Mineral Girls, The - Seven Inches Of Release Mineral Girls, The - Something Forever Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost Modern Baseball - Sports Modern Baseball - You're Gonna Miss It All Molly Drag - Tethered Rendering Motel Jesus - Hickory Street Nai Harvest - Whatever One Hundred Year Ocean - Where Were You While We Were Getting High? Only Ghost In Town, The - False Color Images (x2) Only Ghost In Town, The - Mirage Open Door Records - Winter Compilation 13'-14' P.S. 118 - Staying Better Parkway & Columbia - Onward Penn's Woods - What Good We Do Pinto - Where Will You Be On The First Day Of Spring? Pope - Known Weed Smoker Postal Service, The - Give Up Posture & The Grizzly - I Am Satan Pretty Pretty - Demo Raintree - For A Little White Rat Ship - The Coral Has Started To Establish Itself Régresser - .1 Remambran - Drawing Out Right Stuff, The - Demo I + II Rocky Votolato - Sawdust & Shavings ROMP - Departure From Venus Royal Oaks - Self Titled Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 2 Runaway Brother - Bedhead Secret Truth Of The Universe, The - Our Memories Are All We Have Left September - Self Titled Sinai Vessel - Profanity Sioux Falls - Rot Forever Skinny Dip - Sever Small Parks - Meet Me In Cognito Snow Roller - Another Step In Your Career Ladder Snow Roller - What's The Score? Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Broom Somos - Eternal Yesterday / Downpour Sorority Noise - It Kindly Stopped For Me Sorority Noise - Forgettable Sorority Noise - Young Luck Spira - Colectia Obscure Struckout - What You Deserve Summerpunx - Self Titled Tiger! Tiger! / Fever Haze, The - Split Tigers Jaw - Charmer Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds Tiny Teeth - Ghost People Tiny Teeth / CATNAPS - Tinycats Split Toys That Kill - Fambly 42 Trophy Wife - All The Sides Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface Upset - 76 Van Dale - Self Titled Very MIddle - PK Peaces Very MIddle - Self Titled Washed Out - High Time We Love You / Broom - Split Woozy - Ugliest Cries 2012-2014 World Is A Beautiful Place, The - Between Bodies World Is A Beautiful Place, The - Complete Discography 2009-2014 World Is A Beautiful Place, The - Death To New Years / Long Live Happy Birthday (x2) World Is A Beautiful Place, The - Fartlessness World Is A Beautiful Place, The - Live On KEXP World Is A Beautiful Place, The - Make Mistakes (x2) World Is A Beautiful Place, The - The Tool Part YELEPHANTS - You Look Divorced You Taught Me How To Cope - With You, I Will Live Again Zebras And Bulls Fight Tonight! - All Ages
  2. I didn't put pressing info because it'd be a lot of each stuff. Just message if you're interested in anything. I'll be happy to send pictures of any of them. Most stuff will be between $5-20. Shipping is next to the format. I'm happy to work out whatever bundles you want to do. I'll also trade for anything YMAEWK. Thanks a bunch! If you're interested, here is a link to my cassettes for sale 7" - shipping $3 for first 2, $.50 for additional Congential Death - From My Hands Fever Haze, The - Nose Rings / Love Song For A Modern Twenty-Something FOUND Magazine - FOUND Audio Goodtime Boys - Every Landscape Jessica Paré - Zou Bisou Bisou Kevin Devine / River City Extension - Split Killing Thing - Closed Casket Punchline / Over It - Split Random Holiday / Batten Down The Hatches - Split Say Anything / Eisley - Split Single Mothers - Self Titled Sink Tapes - Mattress Cowboys Sink Tapes - Please Touch Sink Tapes - You Sulk When You Sleep Sirs / run, Walk! - Split Taking Meds - Demo Triple Deke Records - 4-Way Split (x3) Youth Lagoon Ghost To Me / Bobby --------------------------------------------- 12" - shipping $3 for first 2, $1 per additional Andrew Dost - Columbus Awe Howler - Living With Spiders Big Awesome - Birdfeeder Cloud Mouth - That Ghost Is Always With Me Converge - Axe To Fall Drowning Men, The - ...Beheading Of The Songbird Jonah Matranga's onelinedrawing - Me And You Are Two Makeshift Shelters - Something So Personal (x2) Mansions - New Best Friend McCafferty - BeachBoy (x4) Mixtapes - How To Throw A Successful Party Pswingset - All Our False Starts River City Extension - ...And The Unmistakable Man Secret Grief / Runaway Brother - Split XO - Heart Youth Lagoon - Year Of Hibernation
  3. it's been awhile since i've posted on here. at this point i'm basically finished with the collection. below you'll find the last few things that i know of; there might be more that i just haven't found pictures of online. if you have anything from the list or anything else, please send me a message. i'm always open to adding whatever i can to do the collection. here is a link to what's left of my music collection. i'm down to trade stuff for the things i need. just let me know what you have and are interested in. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14spLV3TJdsuf6g_CHPAgXbfbh3YCSr38ED5qlgHqH1Y/edit?usp=sharing thanks a bunch and have a great day~ t-shirt - aspiring cult leader - white w/ red font t-shirt - end rape culture - grey w/ white, red, and grey nike font t-shirt - kite stuck in tree - blue w/ the name spelled out in kites t-shirt - dr. suess fish - purple w/ colored fish on it t-shirt - spraypaint stencil - white w/ black stencil print (idk if this was an actual design or fanmade) t-shirt - torso of a man - blue w/ line green font and the torso of a man t-shirt - band name wtih squiggles - grey w/ yellow, blue, and pink block font and squiggles all around it t-shirt - navy w/ orange picture of a demon or bull thing with a circle around it idek tank top - stdwo nike - grey w/ red font sticker - stwdo font - black w/ white font sticker - sysi font - black w/ white font
  4. Yes. I don't come on here often so message me an offer.
  5. I had to find someone who worked there in order to get it. She sent a picture of the front and it says: Women of Sub Pop Records - A UO exclusive compilation featuring music Marika Hackman, Bully, Iesca Hoop, and Ian Sweet - Free with any UO_TUNE_IN Purchase. I'll see if I can get her to send more pictures of the back and the tape itself.
  6. Sorry, I just saw these posts. Yes it's a Sub Pop comp. They had a sign about it in-store. You had to buy something from their new audio line in order to get it. I asked if I could just have / buy the mixtape by itself and was told no. The new audio line is called UO_TUNE_IN.
  7. Hey all, idk if it'd be better to post in here or on the B/S/T but I'm trying to get a copy of the current Urban Outfitters x Sub Pop mixtape. The last time I went there they said you had to buy something from the new audio line which is all crap products. I tried to buy just the mixtape and was turned down. If anyone has a connection and can get me one, that'd be awesome.
  8. This is somewhat irrelevant to your post (sorry), but I live near Chapel Hill. Hello.
  9. I already have all their stuff that's been put out on a physical format. Just looking for odds and ends at this point. Thank you tho!
  10. Most of the time I went out to get CSD releases it seemed like another day. It just can't match the hype of RSD.
  11. Right now I have two Napa Valley wooden wall mounts (100 & 32), then six 3-drawer 14-slots holders. Slowly selling off my tapes so most of the drawer holders have been empty.