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  1. I actually picked one up on eBay new for $22.99. Thanks for the offer though. I should’ve checked there before posting here. Mods please close thread.
  2. Anyone have a spare copy they want to sell? Thanks
  3. Selling Slipknot Iowa LP here: http://ebay.us/UrQFdg?cmpnId=5338273189
  4. Congrats man! Better start stocking up on diapers now lol
  5. Wish I would have gotten one of the NCTH ones...I've always gone back and forth with variant collecting. Right now I have all of Sister Cities except for the Blue Mountain Splatter Book and the original black.
  6. Can we talk about how beautiful "Flowers Where Your Face Should Be" is? What a great song.
  7. This might replace Suburbia as my favorite album of theirs. Just bought the Banquet Blue /500 online...weird they haven't sold out yet.
  8. The lyrics...the sound...wow this might be their best yet. Can’t wait to get the vinyl in the mail.