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  1. It's not important enough to make it's own thread, but I guess important enough for an epic necro... But if any of you nerds want some black metal tapes, what's left of my band's tapes are sitting around, unsold due to Covid and zero shows. https://spitterofplagues.bandcamp.com/album/flesh-abyss
  2. I was really hoping more from the teaser singles I want a Guilty of Everything 2
  3. I'm just bumping this because last night I realized Dead Format is no more. Good thing this place is still around.
  4. It costs $7 less to ship to Canadaland from the EU store than the american one. LOGIC
  5. Figured I'd post mine. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.
  6. This thread was pretty great. I'm listening to the record now. Zero ragets.
  7. After hearing of the torturous time they had dealing with Hypaethral Records I just wrote it off as them being a terrible record label. They approved the test press like a month after the CD release and I guess the record label just took their sweet ass time. Great record though.
  8. Demonic Possessor's Porous Chambers It's my buddy's band so I kind of accepted it never coming.
  9. I got a record I ordered a year and a half ago today. That was a surprise.

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