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  1. Would take all for $40 shipped if you are interested. PM and let me know - thx!
  2. Just received my record today - is anyone else extremely disappointed? As far as the album itself sounds, i think it's great....but the vinyl is standard black, and mine had more seam splits than I've ever received with a "new" record...
  3. Same here - stuck in my car most of the day and totally missed the Smoke. Snagged a white variant, though. Pumped on the new album!
  4. Just got my download code, as well. I assume no one has received their Indiegogo-version of the vinyl? I am liking the overall sound of the album after a couple listens, but a little upset over how the whole camp kind of dropped the ball on this crowdfunding and vinyl release as far as communication and getting the product out on time.