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  1. Just a heads up for anyone going to the future shows that pre-ordered this ridiculous vinyl set in the plexi case…everyone at the Chicago date received theirs WITH NO VINYL. Straight up empty case. Told by the merch people that there was something wrong with the yellow record so they will be mailing the records out to everyone. No timeline or answer as to when. Not sure if this will be a continuing theme for the rest of the tour, but just a heads up, ya’ll might also be going home with a $200 empty case. dude in front of me in line said “This is so fucking Glassjaw”, and I agree completely. Show was great - so enjoy that part!
  2. Willing to let both Anniversary records go for a decent price??
  3. Really want this on vinyl but the LAST thing I was going to do at FF was run around do a scavenger hunt and wait in insane lines while bands were playing. A great idea with a shit rollout IMO.
  4. Just came here to say that I am one of the poor souls who actually purchased this, after missing out many of the ridiculous GJ items in the past. Ok, $200 - probably shouldn’t have done it and just gone to the fucking show. To add insult to injury, after checking my account this morning - there is an additional $5.98 international transaction fee for purchasing on my debit card from MusicGlue. I deserve every rude, asshole comment from the community after this fucking madness. If you are also going to the Chicago show, you can slap me in the face in person - might not feel as defeating.
  5. @philsignals awesome - thanks for the heads up!
  6. Looking for the new Holding Absence album - totally slept on it and would rather not pay shipping to the US from EU. Any folks in the USA willing to sell? thanks in advance. would also be interested in their self-titles 2019 album, as well.
  7. Grabbed a clear/zine from the store. Echoing someone else’s comments from earlier - it’s been a while since I’ve opened the ol wallet up for Deftones, so I’m in. Plus, no spending any dollars on live music this year so....it should work out. groovy single as expected - Terry Date production is king with these guys, and I expect the rest of the album to be full of bangers.
  8. I haven’t seen anything about this being re-released...is it a Patreon only thing? If not - can someone point me to a mention of this repress coming out and also when? thx all
  9. Throwing it out to the universe because, why not. Went to see Manchester Orchestra last night with the intention of picking up a copy of the 2xLP Mean Everything To Nothing, but apparently they sold super fast during the 1st half of the tour and they had to limit their sales to like 10 per night for the final week of shows. wondering if anyone is willing to part with a copy? Obviously willing to pay - this is a great record and seeing them live again just really cemented that. Thanks in advance.
  10. Would do $30.00 all in for Interrobang and PJTEN if you can't find another buyer...let me know!
  11. Would take all for $40 shipped if you are interested. PM and let me know - thx!