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  1. Throwing it out to the universe because, why not. Went to see Manchester Orchestra last night with the intention of picking up a copy of the 2xLP Mean Everything To Nothing, but apparently they sold super fast during the 1st half of the tour and they had to limit their sales to like 10 per night for the final week of shows. wondering if anyone is willing to part with a copy? Obviously willing to pay - this is a great record and seeing them live again just really cemented that. Thanks in advance.
  2. Would do $30.00 all in for Interrobang and PJTEN if you can't find another buyer...let me know!
  3. Would take all for $40 shipped if you are interested. PM and let me know - thx!
  4. Just received my record today - is anyone else extremely disappointed? As far as the album itself sounds, i think it's great....but the vinyl is standard black, and mine had more seam splits than I've ever received with a "new" record...
  5. Same here - stuck in my car most of the day and totally missed the Smoke. Snagged a white variant, though. Pumped on the new album!
  6. Just got my download code, as well. I assume no one has received their Indiegogo-version of the vinyl? I am liking the overall sound of the album after a couple listens, but a little upset over how the whole camp kind of dropped the ball on this crowdfunding and vinyl release as far as communication and getting the product out on time.