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  1. Why did they make his penis enormous but leave his fatty little man boobs?
  2. I'm just gonna say it, I was disappointed by Guardians 2. I felt like they were trying to mash too much in + the logic and dialogue were crazy cheesy. Also for me Pratt came off super sloppy. Probably give it 3/5 cuz I still liked parts but most of the time I just wished I was watching Vol 1 again.
  3. Nice, thanks for the heads up, I've been meaning to grab this one
  4. One of these days there will be a thread about Sorry About Tomorrow that ends with a release date. You guys have gotten my hopes up way too many times now. A pressing of Ups and Downs would be really cool, "Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off to Heaven" is one of my favorite of their songs. I'm sure this is discussed elsewhere on the forum but does Vagrant even have the distribution rights to In Reverie?
  5. I was pretty excited to see these guys a couple weeks back, but it was a bit of a lackluster show. Mark's drug connect was running late so we all had to stand around an extra half hour while the rest of the band fiddled about after sound check.
  6. Frank Turner - Campfire Punk Rock Archers of Loaf - Vitus Tinnitus Black Flag - Jealous Again
  7. I saw them about 10 years back at a state fair and it was a lot of fun. Honestly, not missing much with Brad gone. He couldn't hit any of the high notes anymore and didn't have much stamina, so they had a second lead singer on stage doing most of the work. He was mostly just there so that they could say he was.
  8. I was so excited when this was announced and now I'm just trying to convince myself it won't be as cool as it seems. Hopefully they follow it up with a tour.
  9. Seconding Zion National Park. I took a 3 month road trip around the country about a year and a half ago and Zion was a huge highlight.
  10. Look at Scott bringing the pain! Picked up Adolescents and Circle Jerks
  11. It could be argued that Malcolm Mclaren (manager of the Sex Pistols) are why The Clash ever formed. But it's not quite as seedy as Mclaren seeing New York Dolls and Television and then traveling back to England to recruite band members based on their look to form Sex Pistols. There's a huge difference between Paul Simonon and Dee Dee Ramone as compared to Sid Vicious. Totally beyond the point tho since we dropped 59 missiles on Syria today.
  12. Cool, the lead singer of a boy band that put out 1 album 40 years ago has an opinion
  13. I think Varg has dropped the neo-nazi thing since leaving prison. I might be wrong, just what I heard. _______ Picked up the first two Madonna albums at a record fair today on a whim, self-titled and Like A Virgin. Felt a bit silly but the guy only wanted $3 each. also got Donny Hathaway - Donny Hathaway Chemical People - Ten-Fold Hate Black Sabbath - Paranoid Graham Nash - Songs For Beginners Paid too much for the Hathaway but my wife has been a bit obsessed with him lately. Other than that a bargain bin kind of day but met som
  14. Super fair. Sorry if I came off a bit condescending. I've been hanging with these socialists lately and they're hardcore about that kind of stuff. They must have gotten into my head.
  15. For the sake of moving the conversation forward, I'd like to say that calling the democrat party "leftist" seems a bit ingenuous. I have a hard time believing much of the party is that far left. I hate continuing to bring up the election because it's long dead, but Hillary was way centrist. Same as Obama. It's been a very long time since we've had a hard leftist in the presidency. FDR being the last one I can think of, and maybe Kennedy to a much lesser extent. It may be semantics but I think it's important for ongoing debates. Far left is communism and Castro, far right is li
  16. If they're someone who gets joy out of frustrating strangers on the internet, then they're probably doing okay. I gotta believe KenM is just on cloud 9.
  17. To me it just sounds like you like the drama. Or you like being the "mature" one since you're older. Or maybe she's really hot and gives it up easy. Because if what you're saying is true, a rational person would have bailed a long while back. So I'm wary of your motives here, Gumbo. Because most dudes in their late 20s/early 30s wouldn't string along an "immature" "bipolar" younger woman struggling through college. That's kind of fucked up. But, hey, maybe you're just blowing off steam. Or maybe you're making it all up to boost that post count.
  18. FYF has gotten nuts. I went the year Sleep was headlining, now they're not even in the top 3 or 4 rows of bands at this years festival. Definitely wish I was still in CA because this years lineup looks awesome, even beyond a Capn Jazz reunion
  19. Thrift store digging has definitely got weird. Occasionally I still get lucky, picked up a couple Grandmaster Flash singles last weekend. But for the most part even when I find something remotely interesting, it's still something that I wouldn't even glance at at a record shop.

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