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  1. It still could happen if they get the proper licensing they need. Just as of this morning they didn’t have that.
  2. They’re trying to make it happen. Just at this moment in time, it’s a no go till they get a little more info. I hope it works out.
  3. As of this moment Gotta Groove and Wax Mage will NOT be pressing this record. It doesn’t mean they won’t press them but as of right now they have reached out to band management for clarification due to some US Copyright laws. They won’t press any of these records until they receive the clarification they need.
  4. Isn’t it on the customer ordering records to agree that they have the permission to press? Does that also mean the GG won’t press this album?
  5. I’ll compare the two I ordered (Fuzz club and Stolen body and I might order the greenway). I’d be interested to hear some others too.
  6. Well where ever they ultimately get them pressed there seems to be a quality issue with the sound. To me it sounds like there’s no difference between what the vinyl sounds like and what the MP3 sounds like. Is that the plant? Or is it the vi to master? I personally don’t know. What I do know is that the sound quality of the records isn’t that great. Next question, who’s going to get this pressed at Pallas or RTI?
  7. Also true. Gizz press all their records at pirate press and theyre not that impressive.
  8. Most of these are going to sound the same because they’ll all be from the same vinyl master. It’ll come down to things that will effect sound. Ie splatter, hand made, black etc. Black vinyl theoretically will sound the best.
  9. If you order from the QOTSA site or Matador you get early access to ticket sales. So there's that. I also was able to buy from matador and get media mail shipping on the deluxe.
  10. From the photos I saw looks like they'll have from mind fuzz and on. Nothing exclusive. There will be a NYC poster though.
  11. Like someone else said, the US pressing is available for much cheaper. International shipping is expensive. Which makes this particular pressing more expensive for us US folks. I'm not sure what all the complaining is about. If you want this particular pressing then you'll have to pay up for shipping. It's not the Bands fault that shipping prices are so high or that they're from Australia and they have a lot of US fans... even if they dropped it to $30 aud it would still be about $40 usd after shipping and for whatever reason records are expensive in Australia.
  12. In NYC they had T-shirts for The Murlocs (but only Large and XL) and they had 4 kinds of King Gizzard T-shirts, the last 4 albums, a poster, and $5 Photos. I only bought a Murlocs T-shirt because it was kinda badass... even though i'm a medium.
  13. They stated during the release that the picture discs won't ship until June. Pumped for the NYC show. I bought my tickets before they even announced the album. Couldn't ask for a better opener too, King Gizzard AND The Murlocs. Been dying to see The Murlocs for about 2 years, I didn't know if I would get to see them.
  14. I think the usually ship close ot the release dat. My JB hifi order said it shipped last night.

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