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  1. Port Of Sound has it for $70 bones shipped... https://portofsoundrecords.com/products/anima-deluxe
  2. Same here. This seems to be impossible to find anywhere.
  3. So, some of you guys have been getting the vinyl already or what? I've not seen/heard a peep about mine being shipped yet whatsoever.
  4. Yep. Definitely a dirty/jizzy kind of clear vinyl on my set too. Great sound though! Really impressed with the sound quality so far. My only real complaint with the whole set is that it's a just an open ended box as opposed to a slipcase or clamshell box which would have been much nicer. Plus, just the paper inners. I put all of my stuff in MoFi sleeves, so it's going to be interesting to see if these all fit back into the box.
  5. Right? I just skimmed through it on Spotify and it would be a hilariously good/fun stop-gap otherwise except for the absolutely absurd tracklist which is half 80's gold and half random choices of songs that completely throw off what could have been a neat 80's covers album (I mean...they're looking a tad Miami Vice on the cover at least). Goddamn. Weezer leaves me so conflicted sometimes.
  6. As if picture discs weren't bad enough. That's a terrible photo of the band.
  7. Just got an email from EasyStreet about the Weezer 10" for Africa disc I ordered from them this morning. Any of you guys heard about this? Just wanted to give you a heads up that the Weezer 10” picture disc of Africa was recalled across the country. Every record store in the country received warped copies. They are mostly bowled and the ones that we tested did not affect the playing. Let me know if you’re still interested and I’ll process your order.
  8. http://1234gorecords.com/blackfriday2018/garbage-with-john-doe-and-exene-cervenka-destroying-angels-7
  9. I can beat that if you're down with a Canadian source...and it comes with a turntable! https://shop.musicvaultz.com/*/Black-Friday-Sale/Appetite-For-Destruction-Locked-N-Loaded-Edition-GNR-Logo-Turntable/5ZCD0DLS000
  10. What kind of bullshit is it that this went on sale so early this morning? Seriously, I didn't see it until 7:30 central time while I was taking my morning dump right after I got up. West coast folks that were still in bed missing out on that /500 will be pissed...
  11. I guess some of you guys missed there part where I said "Not saying what they did was right..."? I bought a copy of every edition that's been offered so far b/c I am a fan as well. And yet, I'm not all butthurt about it and cancelling my order out of principal or whatever. That's bullshit. Folks either wanted the gold because they collect SP or they didn't because they thought it was limited and might be worth something later or was planning to flip it right off the bat. To come into the thread and boohoo about what they did/didn't do (could have been bait/switch? could have been an honest error in the listing?) and state that you cancelled your order just screams that it was purchased under other pretenses. I don't give a shit though. I think it's hilarious! It's a $23 gold record I can add to my SP collection. Woo.
  12. So let's see...you guys bought it because you wanted gold right? Noooo..it was because you thought you were sitting on a gold mine by getting one of 500? Not saying what they did was right, but do you guys actually listen to the music or just put the records away because you think you're gonna make money off them one of these days?