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  1. Need a copy of Spacehog. Was checking out at Plaidroom and whooosh...gone.
  2. This is almost as old as the internet. Almost. Still makes me laugh though.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Heard Deleter a few days ago and really liking it a lot. Hoping the album is better than Big Mess, which I enjoyed, but not as much as their first two.
  4. Does anyone have any word on Incredibad by The Lonely Island that UO was supposed to have out months ago? Last I checked, it was backordered and scheduled to ship at the end of December. I just checked their site and it doesn't come up now and my order isn't showing on their site. If I search by order number from my confirmation email, it pulls up, but just says backordered. Looked at my paypal account and the transaction isn't there now, so I guess they don't charge until it ships? Regardless, I was looking forward to getting this and really curious as to what the hold up might be.
  5. That might be one way to go. Those pvc sleeves sometimes come undone easily at their seams, so cutting them may not be that big of a deal. Might end up being a lot of work in the end. I hated cutting my stickers, but it really wasn't that bad and they're still relatively unharmed short of the clean cuts. I got the idea after I purchased a complete set of Muse 7" singles from a guy in Ireland a couple years ago. Muse had some picture discs from their Black Holes and Revelations LP packed just like the Bowie discs. He took sliced the stickers at the top, put the records in a rounded inner, put the PVC sleeve in a sealable sleeve, and then put everything in a nice outer sleeve. I've looked them over and they all appear to be fine all stored together.
  6. I just removed all of my Bowie 40th's a few weeks back and put them in poly lined sleeves with outers from sleevecity myself. I have a complete collection of those Bowie 40's...all sealed for collecting purposes only...and I feel better about having done it now. Tip: get a new blade in an exacto knife, and carefully slice the seal. Use one of the newer discs to practice on and work your way back through the older ones so you get comfy doing it. By the time I made it to my Starman pic disc, it was cake. Good luck. edit: I inspected mine under a light and *most* of mine appeared to have no damage, but a few do seem to have some very, very light appearance of it. Play tested them and mine seem fine for the most part considering how long they've been in those sleeves. Check yours as you remove them.
  7. I just checked here again and it was/is listed as in stock and let me check out. Already got email confirmation as well. Third try for me. Already had two other orders cancelled elsewhere.
  8. If anyone is still waiting on Fatbeats for these, check your orders. I've not had any notification from Fatbeats, but randomly checked my order this morning, and it's in transit.
  9. Good catch. I was checking earlier today and all the listings were over $70USD.
  10. Still looking for Pearl Jam. Anyone else? Can't believe these are hard to find seeing that there were 13k pressed.
  11. Damn. I already have these albums over and over...and yet, here I go again.
  12. Port Of Sound has it for $70 bones shipped... https://portofsoundrecords.com/products/anima-deluxe
  13. Same here. This seems to be impossible to find anywhere.
  14. So, some of you guys have been getting the vinyl already or what? I've not seen/heard a peep about mine being shipped yet whatsoever.
  15. Yep. Definitely a dirty/jizzy kind of clear vinyl on my set too. Great sound though! Really impressed with the sound quality so far. My only real complaint with the whole set is that it's a just an open ended box as opposed to a slipcase or clamshell box which would have been much nicer. Plus, just the paper inners. I put all of my stuff in MoFi sleeves, so it's going to be interesting to see if these all fit back into the box.
  16. Right? I just skimmed through it on Spotify and it would be a hilariously good/fun stop-gap otherwise except for the absolutely absurd tracklist which is half 80's gold and half random choices of songs that completely throw off what could have been a neat 80's covers album (I mean...they're looking a tad Miami Vice on the cover at least). Goddamn. Weezer leaves me so conflicted sometimes.

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