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  1. Just finished The Last of Us 2.. Def a day 1 purchase. Hopefully whatever Mondo have planned is just as good as their part 1 box set.
  2. Bought a record that reached LA’s international distribution centre on April 29th. Not a single update for nearly 2 months.. but just got an update that the package is in the UK. Gotta pay that customs fee but at least I finally have my record ha
  3. Glad I’m not the only one. Gives me hope I might get my item one day April 19, 2020 In Transit to Next Facility
  4. The YouTube stream they just did was pretty cool. They mentioned a bunch of stuff, but the two that stood out for me was Lost in Translation and Eyes Wide Shut confirmations
  5. If it is done online, some type of system needs to be put in place. My local record stores always struggle when they release left over stock online. No way can the servers handle this.
  6. I know some elitists may hate it.. but I love how urban outfitters are releasing these 90s/early 00s pop albums.
  7. How many people were lucky with RTJ? With the pressing quantity I thought it would be fairly easy. All the stores I visited sold out.
  8. Damn.. there’s a few things on the US list that I want that’s not on the UK list
  9. This is a Top Dawg release right? Something tells me they’re not gonna hit that release date.
  10. Yep his recent two were so much better than his first two Netflix specials
  11. I've slowed down on a lot of Mondo releases due to price.. but i've been waiting for this soundtrack for way too long to pass on it.