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  1. Moglog

    PO: Beach Slang - MPLS EP

    Holy shit dude. Yeah I like the Replacements too, but maybe pump the brakes on the hero worship.
  2. Would just like to point out that it’s almost December and Kevin Shields said a new MBV album would “100%” be out in 2018. I assume it will be out soon then, because if I can’t trust Kevin Shields to finish something on time...well then I don’t know WHO to trust.
  3. August is apparently the new Mitski album.
  4. Mine just shipped from DW. I think it only has to travel like, a mile, so hopefully I’ll have it tomorrow. That’s a lot quicker than New Bermuda!
  5. Moglog

    PO: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

    Sorry, that was rude of me. We are talking about Rick Froberg now. Fake Kinkade is a jam.
  6. Moglog

    PO: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

    Obits were good too.
  7. Moglog

    PO: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

    Holy shit. Just listened. This is Beyond/Majesty Shredding territory. John Reis is an American hero.
  8. Moglog

    PO: OZMA - Rock & Roll Part 3

    Those tickets were so big! Yahoo sponsored I believe. What a fun show. This album was fun, probably will pass on buying though.
  9. Can confirm Loveless exists stateside. Keep in mind I'm not a Steve Hoffman dork, and I don't have any other pressings to compare it to, but to my ears, it's the best it has ever sounded. Nice gatefold too, way better than mbv.
  10. Moglog


    Nice, my Blue already shipped. And I like them all pretty equally! I would have a hard time ranking.
  11. Moglog


    Nice, was missing Blue. Now bring on...Orange, I guess?
  12. Quincetuple was the song that got me into them, still one of my favs. Too bad they probably won’t be able to put the “Abortions for all” version on. Hopefully this leads to more shows.
  13. Haven’t been let down by them yet! First 300 are on green, looks to be shipping now. https://store.greennoiserecords.com/