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  1. Yeah, I thought maybe I was overreacting because I’m just glad it exists, but I’m starting to think it really is that good.
  2. Holy shit! This is one of those albums I just kinda assumed wouldn’t come out (I see you, Wrens). Preordered immediately. So far sounds MASSIVE.
  3. I only have Let England Shake, so I would spend entirely too much money on a massive box set of this...so maybe it’s good they’re spreading it out? Also wonder if any of these will be a VMP album of the month.
  4. There is probably a very small group of people excited about Angel Olsen covering the Mekons. I am very much one of those people. Ordered.
  5. I’ll wait and see if they add a media mail option. Can’t pull the trigger yet.
  6. Oh nice. Also, legit had no idea Jade Tree was still around.
  7. The whole situation is weird and such a bummer. Way less excited for this album and especially tour now.
  8. Sounds like this will be the VMP record of the month for August, so that will be my copy.
  9. Was fully prepared to grab whatever dumb bundle/deluxe edition they put up but, oof. Nevermind!
  10. This is pretty spot on. Expect I like Post more than We Cool?
  11. Holy shit, this is going for $120 on Discogs now? Starting to feel like less of an idiot for paying whatever I did.