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  1. I don’t have Warm/Warmer, but this is a very nice package! Sturdy gatefold with a booklet in the middle. My signed copy was $45.
  2. I was at Solid Sound over the weekend, and they were selling signed copies of the new 2xLP version. Seemed to be a decent amount, so they may be showing up online soon. I like this album a lot!
  3. Yeah, this looks so cool. Unfortunately, my copy (first disc at least) skips a ton. Anyone else?
  4. This takes me back! Thanks for the refresher, I still have a D4 pint glass from one of those excessive bundles. I also still can’t believe that craft beer and independent music shirt was real.
  5. $16 more just for a colored version is...interesting. Gonna hold off for a little bit, but will pick this up eventually. Glad they are doing a Memphis album.
  6. My glow in the dark showed up, and holy shit is it beat up. Warped with a bent jacket, haven’t tried playing it yet. Airhead was solid.
  7. Guess I lucked out, mine looks and sounds great (not always the case from KRM). And I like this album a lot! There are new little details I’m digging with every new listen. Fuck it, let’s rank them: Greatest Story Calcutta Apathy Skeleton Metropole Ghost Stories Guided Tour And I know it doesn’t count, but Cocktails & Dreams would probably be my favorite.
  8. This is going to rip and then I’m going to get sad that I can’t see them live this year.
  9. Never got a shipping notification, but my white copy showed up today. Album rules.
  10. Part of me wishes these would all just go in one massive box set that I blow too much money on, but I think I’ll just grab each set from my local once they’re released.
  11. Yeah, I thought maybe I was overreacting because I’m just glad it exists, but I’m starting to think it really is that good.
  12. Holy shit! This is one of those albums I just kinda assumed wouldn’t come out (I see you, Wrens). Preordered immediately. So far sounds MASSIVE.
  13. I only have Let England Shake, so I would spend entirely too much money on a massive box set of this...so maybe it’s good they’re spreading it out? Also wonder if any of these will be a VMP album of the month.