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  1. Hot take: This isn’t THAT bad. I generally like Fridmann (The Woods is my favorite Sleater-Kinney album, and lots of people think that sounds like shit too). To be fair though, my hearing is also garbage. EITHER WAY: I still like these songs and am looking forward to the album.
  2. I think I like this! Still processing it. If people think the pressing is good, I’ll probably pick it up at a shop.
  3. Went for the transparent gold & grey. Seemed to match the art the best. I dig the song too. It’s very much “new” Baroness, so your mileage may vary. As a metal poser though, it works for me.
  4. Also, preorder and new song are up: https://baronessmerch.shop.musictoday.com/store/ Now to decide which color...
  5. Anyone who’s been to the tour so far, do we know who plays first, Deafheaven or Baroness?
  6. My red version of Caution just showed up and it sounds AWESOME. Much nicer than any of my other HWM LPs. Having Seein' Diamonds on in the middle of it is a little weird, but it's a cool song so I can live with it.
  7. Oh shit, Teenager of the Year! Hope that and R.E.M. won’t be hard to get because I can’t go until later this year.
  8. Boston tickets are already going for $100 on StubHub. The system works!
  9. I really like this, gets better with each listen. Also, just got the presale code from Spotify for the tour (dylanthomas). Smaller venues than I would have expected given who's involved.
  10. Holy shit dude. Yeah I like the Replacements too, but maybe pump the brakes on the hero worship.
  11. Would just like to point out that it’s almost December and Kevin Shields said a new MBV album would “100%” be out in 2018. I assume it will be out soon then, because if I can’t trust Kevin Shields to finish something on time...well then I don’t know WHO to trust.
  12. Mine just shipped from DW. I think it only has to travel like, a mile, so hopefully I’ll have it tomorrow. That’s a lot quicker than New Bermuda!
  13. Sorry, that was rude of me. We are talking about Rick Froberg now. Fake Kinkade is a jam.