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  1. _emileelouise

    Transit - Young New England

    Joe confirmed that this rumor was 100% false. You can check his twitter. I asked him so boom. (:
  2. _emileelouise

    Deja Entendu repress?

    Everyone had my hopes up that I missed out on this. Glad I didn't and you all are great april fools pranksters
  3. _emileelouise

    Your opinion please?

    Should I start a thread talking about this? I mean this a record website so I decided to talk about a record related issue. I could argue about such things as rape and murder and death penalties, because those surely bounce around in my head. Don't judge someone based on their age. and dont judge how heavily they think about different topics when you dont know them.
  4. _emileelouise

    Your opinion please?

    harryq: I dont think you understand. I dont think people should intentionally sell records for a jacked price. People are always willing to pay a high price for what they want if they want it bad enough, but its a little messed up to take advantage of that. Ingenious from a business prospective. dethrock: I figured a lot out the first few days i was on this site. doesnt make it any better. The point of what I was saying is getting misunderstood. but its all good. gutz: I'm 20 so i'm not really worried about easter baskets, nor am i religious. But Happy Easter! (:
  5. _emileelouise

    Your opinion please?

    dethrock, thats not what I mean. If the record is worth 50 thats the fair price, not ten. its different than selling the same record that normally goes for 50 for 150. Thats what i'm talking about.
  6. _emileelouise

    Your opinion please?

    I'm not saying me. Jeez. People on here are a tad bit rude. I was just curious to see what people thought. I'm not worried about it and it is by far not the most pressing issue in my life, but just a little ridiculous. I just dont think people should take advantage of the market. And celebdeath Thank you for being the one person on here to give a legitimate response. Me personally, I'm not gonna jack up a price for a record I dont listen to anymore to make money. fair prices if I sold them.
  7. _emileelouise

    Your opinion please?

    I personally just find it irritating for someone to not offer a fair price when on here. Or at least be honest why they are jacking it up. Some people come on here and are trying to sell records because they just had a kid, or a family member is sick or moving. I don't know I just feel insulted by people who are apart of this community who want to make a quick buck.
  8. Sometimes people on here can just be total butts.

  9. _emileelouise

    Your opinion please?

    So recently I've noticed a lot of people selling their collections. If not whole collections they are putting LP's from recently broken up bands on ebay. For example, people putting up MCR LP's for close to 300 dollars. I'm pretty sure none of those records are even remotely close to worth that price. Not to mention they are selling it on ebay and advertising it on VC. And instead of selling it to a good VC member they just redirect them to a jacked ebay price. Does that piss anyone off? It bothers the hell out of me. Do you put behavior like this in the flipping category? just want to hear some opinions.
  10. _emileelouise

    Its For Real This Time Guys...Collection Sale

    You could just give me three cheers and [email protected] (;
  11. _emileelouise

    The Story So Far What You Don't See Watermelon /500

    See this it what makes me so happy about VC. Like people are die hard record fans and hate when some asshole tries to cash in and take advantage of them. I love it. True people. and yeah fuck this guy.
  12. _emileelouise

    WTS: Hardcore, Indie, Pop Punk Records 12" and 7"s!

    anyone looking for daisy does not need to pay a crazy price like that unless they car about the pressing. its still available here http://www.soundstagedirect.com/brand-new-daisy-vinyl-lp.shtml
  13. _emileelouise


    I'll be going to the suppy tour and if they still have tour variants in april when they hit my town I'll pick you up one no problem.
  14. I have never sold a record on here but I can guarantee I would not come off as sketchy as this guy has. lol
  15. Placed an order so we shall see if it comes. thank you very much