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  1. FWIW, the other etching looks like A+R/GZone, A+R is A+R Record Manufacturing Corporation and Gzone is GetZone, both in Dallas. Also, this 45 is a banger!
  2. Decibel version is up. https://store.decibelmagazine.com/collections/vinyl/products/khemmis-deceiver-decibel-exclusive-seal-blue-olive-green-140g-vinyl
  3. From what I've heard, the Amazons only cancelled orders for multiple copies at $16.
  4. Hold out hope. Sunday I got a tracking number and an email noting my change of address email (in March) was received.
  5. I'll just add more of the same. And they've done some pretty sick colors.
  6. Didn't CC just announce they're shutting down? ***edit*** My bad. I was thinking of Corpse Flower.
  7. What are the odds that half the shit on the palette isn't even tests? Not like I can accurately judge how many LPs are in each box, but some of the boxes with one release name makes leery.
  8. If this happens and you're caught listening to any non-Victory bands while sorting, you can get your shit and get the fuck out of here!
  9. I almost find the trunk more interesting as I wonder if it could be earlier stuff rather than new stuff where test presses seem to be pressed by the box. More of a mystery. I'm sort of tempted by all of this, but I'd only be interested in Integrity, and I think that's unlikely. That being said, I could be convinced to throw some coin this way.
  10. I couldn't help but picture Tony berating employees with any one of the three bullhorns.
  11. I have an OG copy, but will cop this if more pop up. Absolutely essential listening.
  12. Well, if nothing good comes from this shit show, at least people have been exposed.

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