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  1. is there anyway to order TLOP anymore? I cant find a link for it anywhere
  2. does anyone have an extra code that they can spare?
  3. if anyone still has a extra code, I would appreciate it!
  4. If anyone has a extra code, I would appreciate it, thanks
  5. I have the same question. it says that 10 fans will get a guitar instead of the drumhead, but it is out of the description even though its in the photo
  6. total bullshit, my order from hot topic got cancelled saying that they are out of stock
  7. HOT TOPIC is back in stock online, get them while you can!!! http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/WhatsNew/Marilyn+Manson+-+The+Pale+Emperor+Vinyl+LP+Hot+Topic+Exclusive-10336265.jsp
  8. I ordered the black version for $20 from amazon.ca along with the Holy-wood vinyl for $20, yes I know I will never get the holywood one, but it makes the pale emperor have free shipping
  9. http://www.myplaydirect.com/hozier/hozier-vinyl-exclusive-lithograph/details/30629285?feature-name=featured&feature=29920614 Includes the double LP gatefold album and exclusive signed lithograph!
  10. i actually ordered the regular vinyl/lithograph package because it said ont he product page that it comes with a signed lithograph.... got it and it was unsigned. complained about it and they refunded my entire order, so I ended up with a free vinyl, lithograph and cd (cd comes inside the vinyl)
  11. I know this is going to sound stupid, but I live in canada, where can I buy these releases? is it in the states only or online? I'd really like to pick up the Hozier one
  12. lol I only get stuff signed that is in the personal collection, just like the op, takes alot for me to get something signed, I have to really be a fan. Also I will only get vinyl signed if I have two copies of it, I like the vinyl signed because it looks better framed.
  13. all he has to do is use either cologne on a microfiber cloth or use a dry erase marker, draw over the autograph and wipe off (no im not crazy, it is a common way of erasing sharpie) also, what is the big deal, I have many coloured vinyl signed on the vinyl part, I prefer it, the record still plays exactly the same.
  14. travis, any idea if any store have this coloured one left?
  15. all the links seem dead, like they are all "out of stock" whats going on? any idea if this is for real Travis?
  16. anyone buying this, remember to use your ebates accout to save 4% http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=i1s%2FWPa2i%2BqvAotQTITuYQ%3D%3D
  17. Yea no problem. I just made sure to remember cause I don't really want to put out the $100 either for a two disc vinyl lol
  18. I actually met her this morning leaving toronto. I asked her about this and she confirmed that there will be a standalone vinyl for it. She however didnt know if there would be picture discs. She is one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met... and super hot!

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