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  1. Have you ever tried to open one of those things? I hear they are dangerous! I just keep mine sealed.
  2. It should tell you which variant you ordered in the shipping email and also after opening it.
  3. Cloudy effect. Been like these and the color in color splatter way more than the regular splatters of past!
  4. Isnt it nice to get shipping notifications instead of waiting until 2023 for some records? 🤣
  5. The new F-13th presses look awful. Glad I have their 1st pressings. 😀
  6. The originals fetch anywhere from $800-3000 so the demand was pretty high, Still waiting on mine!!
  7. Sing the Sorrow would like to have a word with you!!
  8. Yep, looks exactly like something from Mondo. Hopefully, the sound quality won't be as bad though.
  9. Got the same email. I think way too many people ordered this one. It was all over reddit. Someone was selling them for $99 on ebay and people were actually buying them.
  10. Yeah, I would wait. Merchbar is comelete garbage.
  11. Why does Kings Road ALWAYS give the best color variants to EU?

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