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  1. The good old out of stock back in stock fomo tactic :)
  2. All jokes aside................... Discogs for the most part is OK. Many years ago it used to be the alternative to ebay. They had much lower prices and a lot less scammers. All of that has definitely changed. There are a ton of scammers on Discogs especially during RSD. Old accounts have also been hacked over there so if you want something make sure they have some recent feedback. Over the past few years I have had more problems with discogs then all of my time on ebay combined. Bad grading and wrong colors happen a lot. Be wary of "sealed" records especially if you are looking for a specific variant. Also, what some people have said it all depends on what you listen to. Check record labels and get on their mailing lists. Also check out bandcamp. That is a great place. Bullmoose and Zia are also good. You can also check out reddit VinylReleases and VinylDeals.
  3. Take this with a grain of salt but someone on discogs said it was being recalled and being reissued with the proper audio.
  4. Good!! Their art style especially for album covers were always trash. They also pressed the worst sounding records (surface noise, pops, skips) known to man. Truly a company that was or tried to be style over substance. Good riddance!!
  5. With tax and shipping you will be paying more than $50. 😀
  6. 100% in the same boat and agree about the 7" as they offer no information about a b-side. I know I am gonna regret not buying this one.
  7. Yea, kind of figured. Nice to see this being released though.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Looks like 13 people got scammed by one guys account Tekwrx Discogs isn't doing much about the situation either.
  9. Have you ever tried to open one of those things? I hear they are dangerous! I just keep mine sealed.
  10. It should tell you which variant you ordered in the shipping email and also after opening it.
  11. Cloudy effect. Been like these and the color in color splatter way more than the regular splatters of past!
  12. Isnt it nice to get shipping notifications instead of waiting until 2023 for some records? 🤣
  13. The new F-13th presses look awful. Glad I have their 1st pressings. 😀
  14. The originals fetch anywhere from $800-3000 so the demand was pretty high, Still waiting on mine!!

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