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  1. Yeah I saw that. Was hoping to keep it around $50 - $55 but I was gravely mistaken.
  2. Only Euro press on eBay is going for over $90 already. Think these prices will stay? I sure hope not. Hoping they have tour variants when they hit Az.. More then willing to grab some for people on here.
  3. On Friday I snagged: Title fight - Hyperview Tron OST ( Audio Fidelity repress ) Elton John - greatest hits The Eagles - hotel California The Eagles - greatest hits volume 1
  4. Very pleased with the sound my black variant puts out. Only a few pops at the very beginning but as soon as " murder your memory " starts it clears up and no problems on the rest of the record. Kind of bummy that the grey variant came out that way. On the real though I'm trying to get every variant so anyone letting go of that HT white ( store manager told me that no phoenix az hot topics actually got it in store ) and the FYE white & black, and the ever so lucky UK blue variant please feel free to PM me. I know asking for the blue is probably pushing it but I'm willing to pay. Thanks everyone.. P.S. I think Dizzy is my favorite track, so good!
  5. Looking forward to snagging this from HT. So from what I'm understanding is that there is a HT variant, FYE/Hastings variant, and then the pressing from Anti? Title Fight is my favorite band and majority of my collection is TF based. After reading a lot of these comments I would totally agree that there last few records have sounded bad on wax. I've played my Floral Green variant multiple times but it still doesn't not sound very good, so I am not surprised there is a lot of complaints about the noise on these ones. But I do not agree with Floral Green being their best album, I'm more of a Shed guy myself and all the variants I have of that sound amazing. But since Floral Green I have not been to happy with the vinyl releases. So kind of anxious when it comes to picking this up, but I totally need to have a few copies.
  6. Last Saturday in the mail I received: Title fight - shed record release Title fight - sealed red ( not sealed anymore:) ) Then got a awesome care package from my brother @zackssougly consisting of: Title fight - shed clear blue Title fight - secret society blue And a STYGs shirt from a show Stoked on all that.
  7. Hey guys, Just can't complete this collection and I'm pretty close to banging out a couple more important ones. I'd like to trade or sell these so I'm taking offers. Thank you. Converge - Axe To Fall Half blue / half beer with yellow splatter - 300 Cream - epitaph exclusive - 500 Beer - European exclusive - 1000 Light blue - 2000 Looking for - Title fight - floral green - floral variant & green Title fight - Kingston Ep - all colors Title fight - secret society - clear The story so far - USAD - cream w blue & red The story so far - WYDS - watermelon splatter I will add cash were nessacary of course. Thanks for taking a look everybody.
  8. Stoked on... The story so far Stick to your guns The wonder years And that's about it. Not a big year for me. See yall in chula vista.
  9. That 500 dollar package besides the price is pretty bitching! No cash though, wanting this and the daylight preorders haha.
  10. Sorry to hear this brother:( Sucks reading these things.
  11. Almost like they did with transit's stay home right? 3 colors on RFC and 1 at HT? Colors are awesome.
  12. Went to s store that the RSD website said was participating to talk to the owner and needless to say ill be getting hosed too. Dude pretty much compared RSD to the valentines day of record & vinyl community and said his store would not be participating at all. So I left my name and the releases I want just in case. Still gonna try though.