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  1. bump. all this except for the AFI sing the sorrow is still available. Thanks.
  2. Just a bump to see if any interest in this stuff?
  3. Mine used to be Grade ...and such is progress on orange/gold /150 - was able to get that this summer. now, probably the LFD/Chokehold reunion cover split.
  4. Hello, Looking to get rid of a few records. If you are interested in something, pm and we can work out a price. I will be posting more records soon. Thanks for looking. Against Me! - New Wave - yellow (does not have the cd) Audioslave - ST - Double LP AFI - Sing the sorrow - 2LP Red Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit - Repress - clear with red splatter Silverstein - WBIEF - Clear Blue Hot Water Music - Till the Wheels fall off - 2LP glow in the dark cover - hand numbered. Haymaker - ST 1 sided Edit - I am in canada, so we will have to figure out shipping. New edit: AFI has been sold a few new things to add: 7" AFI - S/T on black haymaker - Lost tribe haymaker - fuck america Bad brains - pay to cum - RSD rerelease Coalesce - salt and passage - red and creme cover, limited to 13 Gaslight anthem - the 59 sound Gaslight anthem - old white lincoln AOF - No Transitory - Green LTJ - Unglued - black 12" single Wu tang clan - Protcet ya neck - RSD yellow/black Thanks