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  1. 77RyanSmith77

    Selling various records

    bump. all this except for the AFI sing the sorrow is still available. Thanks.
  2. 77RyanSmith77

    Selling various records

    Just a bump to see if any interest in this stuff?
  3. 77RyanSmith77

    Selling various records

  4. 77RyanSmith77

    What's your White Whale record?

    Mine used to be Grade ...and such is progress on orange/gold /150 - was able to get that this summer. now, probably the LFD/Chokehold reunion cover split.
  5. 77RyanSmith77

    Selling various records

    Hello, Looking to get rid of a few records. If you are interested in something, pm and we can work out a price. I will be posting more records soon. Thanks for looking. Against Me! - New Wave - yellow (does not have the cd) Audioslave - ST - Double LP AFI - Sing the sorrow - 2LP Red Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit - Repress - clear with red splatter Silverstein - WBIEF - Clear Blue Hot Water Music - Till the Wheels fall off - 2LP glow in the dark cover - hand numbered. Haymaker - ST 1 sided Edit - I am in canada, so we will have to figure out shipping. New edit: AFI has been sold a few new things to add: 7" AFI - S/T on black haymaker - Lost tribe haymaker - fuck america Bad brains - pay to cum - RSD rerelease Coalesce - salt and passage - red and creme cover, limited to 13 Gaslight anthem - the 59 sound Gaslight anthem - old white lincoln AOF - No Transitory - Green LTJ - Unglued - black 12" single Wu tang clan - Protcet ya neck - RSD yellow/black Thanks