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  1. I'm running a Rega P2 with Ortofon 10 - TEAC A-R600 - KEF Crestas. I haven't listened to the album on CD before, so maybe I should do that to compare. With it being one of their earlier albums, I expected it to have a dirtier sound than the more polished-sounding recent LP's. Thought it had a wide enough soundstage and good lows/highs. Having heard plenty of shit bootlegs in the past (all of the pearl jams for example), this one really doesn't feel like a bootleg. (I must also admit that I was completely stoned all day yesterday while listening.... So will give it another sp
  2. Happy with my purchase. Good quality sleeve, and sounds fine to me.
  3. I've got this pre-ordered on Amazon UK. Now that everyone is receiving their copies I started getting my hopes up that I'd be getting it soon, but just had an email from Amazon to say it's pushed back until 15th. Goddamn it Amazon. You suck.
  4. One new release & one upcoming ! [s7R011] Sabatta - Middle Of The Night [s7R013] Spookey Ruben - MODES III www.solid7records.co.uk
  5. Yeah I just missed that deal.... xtra-vision.co.uk Had the link open all night on Friday, waiting for permission from the wife. As soon as she gave me the green light it went out of stock! Gutted.
  6. This is awesome news. Will be nice to finally have Field Songs on vinyl.
  7. Guys, I'm really stoked to be announcing this... Gary Lee Conner - Under The Weeping Willow Tree (A Lifetime of Demos) You may know Gary Lee as the guitarist of the mighty Screaming Trees. His other projects include Dr Janet, The Purple Outside & most recently The Microdot Gnome. Solid 7 Records is proud to bring you this 47-track collection of historical demos covering the years 1987-2007. There will be 50 copies of the album, presented as a DOUBLE cassette in a large 'side by side' style case, plus hand-numbered sleeve and a guitar pick! I am anticipating a late-October releas
  8. Nice collection man. Yeah, +1 for Planet Terror soundtrack on vinyl. That would be sweet.
  9. Thanks mate! I've recently partnered up with a German distro who is stocking my tapes, not sure if the shipping might be cheaper from him... Tapeworshiprec
  10. One of my first releases, still have some copies available. Infinite Evening is the debut album by LA space-rocker Zero The Astronaut. The trippy combination of beautiful guitar tones & ethereal vocals make this the perfect soundtrack for a stoned summer evening. Limited edition of 30 gold glitter cassettes. Zero The Astronaut - Static Or Electric? Video Also I have created a discount code for VC. Enter collective20 on Bandcamp checkout for 20% on anything in my store.
  11. It is a fantastic record. I'm a big fan of his 90's solo albums with Mike Johnson, so it was great to hear MJ playing on a Lanegan record again. The track 'When It's In You' is a particular highlight, as this would go on to become 'Methamphetamine Blues' on the Weird Chill EP. Can't fault the pressing either, sounds great.
  12. Last 2 copies of Teacher - EP1812 reduced to £3 on the Bandcamp. Great EP of sludgy Seattle stoner rock. Show 'em D-Bry ! #YesYesYes On another note, I now have an Instagram if you like that sort of thing.
  13. I'm just gonna wait for my store to get it... Hopefully the September date they gave me was a mistake. Pretty bummed, was looking forward to having this for the weekend. Oh well ! :-)
  14. Thanks for the info.... Maybe a UK distro problem? It isn't available from Amazon UK.
  15. Anyone know if this has been delayed? Release date is today, but my local store hasn't received theirs, and can't see any online retailers showing 'in stock'. *edit* - My local store now says that it's listed for 18th September. Bummer. Was looking forward to picking this up today.

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