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  1. If anyone is willing to sell theirs, let me know ASAP. Looking to give as a Xmas gift. Doesn't matter which pressing. Open to discuss price!
  2. Going to see them on tour?! Inbox me!
  3. Selling my copy of Thursdays - Full Collaspe on orange. Pm your offers!
  4. Don't know how to delete. But I have a copy now.
  5. I'm looking for the the TIHC spray painted cover.
  6. Looking to get a copy of Modern Life Is War's new record. I will cover cost, shipping and a little extra for your trouble. Pm me!
  7. Looking to buy Through Being Cool on any color. Trying to snag it asap for aniversary with my boyfriend. Willing to be flexable on the price. Just inbox me asap!!