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  1. Bump. This post will self-destruct on Thursday morning.
  2. Updated with items no longer available. Shipping stuff today and still making deals!
  3. If someone got the demos 7" in a bundle and doesn't want it for any reason I will trade for very nice things I have. Thanks!
  4. Where are you guys showing a repress of Endless Fantasy? Link please.
  5. Hell yeah. Josh has one of the best selections around and is one hundred years a solid dude.
  6. Someone did the math and it'll be years before they get to that stuff with the rate they're releasing things now. I think its hilarious that a year ago the storyline was that the Authority were choosing the attractive prototypical wrestler over the fan favorite and now its happening non-kayfabe. They really need to turn him heel or have Rollins beat him and cost him his spot. Seth vs Brock is the only acceptable main event without Bryan.
  7. Yeah they said they're making more but that first run looks amazing.
  8. Next in line after this guy. Will trade/spend too much on one. I almost never miss Broken World stuff.
  9. I think the smaller more active atmosphere really benefits NXT. The crowd is a big part of the show and it reminds me of how ECW was back in the day. Also as much as I wish Owens was on every card I get why they're saving him.
  10. Yeah I got this deal purely for the player. They're usually about $10 anyway so getting 3 BWM releases with it is just icing on the analog cake.

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