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  1. I got lucky and found a single remaining copy of the s/t album a week or so ago. I couldn't believe they still had it. It's my favorite record by Blink, so I'm glad I didn't have to pay resale prices.
  2. Also looking for a willing Comic-Con attendee to help me out. I live in San Diego, but won't be able to go. It would be awesome to work something out with someone.
  3. Didn't go crazy with the variants on this release, but after hearing the album I'm regretting that. It's quite possibly my favorite ETID album. No complaints minus the fact that it leaves me wanting more. I think I'm also in the minority of ETID fans whose favorite album isn't Hot Damn!. My favorite would have to be Gutter Phenomenon followed by Ex-Lives. I know, I'm weird. From Parts Unknown is slowly but surely taking the number one spot. Once I hear some of the new stuff live I'll know for sure. haha.. Did anyone else do the custom basketball jersey bundle? I haven't got any type of
  4. Man that looks great! Anybody have any idea when Amazon usually ends pre-orders? I'm broke right now, but don't want to miss this.
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies and mental effort, haha. I'll definitely give Neurosis a listen. And PraiseMorph I'll check that stuff out as well. And thanks for the heads up Matthew84, I'll hit up spotify for that stuff! Thanks again everyone!
  6. I thought about that too man, and you're right. Thanks for the heads up. Appreciate the thought.
  7. I really want to pre-order the $50 bundle, but I'm broke 'til friday. Hope the pre-order doesn't end before then.
  8. I also wasn't too stoked on The Family Sign, although the packaging was pretty killer. Always happy to hear new stuff from Slug and Ant though. Sounds like the packaging and records look pretty cool for this one, but I'm a little wary of the "plastic casing". If it's what I'm thinking it is those things never last. Hope I'm wrong.
  9. Got my Pink and Green copies from DW already. They look awesome, and the art with the foil is incredible! The solid black sleeves are a nice touch also. Still waiting for the Orange and Blue from Kings Road though. The art is really what got me with this one. One of my favorite J. Bannon pieces yet.
  10. What's up VC? I didn't now if this is the right place to post a question like this, so sorry in advance if it's not. I've been meaning to ask this for a while : I really like the two songs that come at the end of Axe To Fall, "Cruel Bloom" and "Wretched World". Although these songs are obviously Converge songs from a Converge record - I feel like it's safe to say they contain unique sounds and are fairly different from most of Converge's material. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any artists and/or bands that had a sound similar to these two songs (or even othe
  11. My green/black copy should be here tomorrow, and for those asking, they do have the green/purple haze on tour. I picked one up 'cos I couldn't get one when they went up for sale on No Sleep. So now I'll have two late, but really cool color pressings. Anybody want to sell me their blue/sunfire split from the first press? Thanks.
  12. I was at the release show and I wish I would have asked if you were allowed to buy multiple copies. I figured since it was a record release variant it would be a strict one per person like the B&C tour press. If I would've known I could have got one for my brother. That's life though. I'm really jealous of the people who were lucky enough to receive the random clear copies. Congrats to you guys! Deathwish is such an awesome label. The release show was hella nuts though. A great show from start to finish. TA and B&C are two of my favorite bands and that was one of the best shows
  13. I was having trouble with my download and I was told to e-mail [email protected] - he e-mailed me back in minutes and we had the problem solved. Cool dude, problem solved. I still haven't watched the documentary though. Gonna get to it after my workout. Can't wait to get the tour press of this. This album is stellar!

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