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  1. As you can see I tried him almost 4 years ago. I remember him posting something on his facebook/band website that Kingprince was in the works about a year ago. Still nothing :/
  2. Mine's on black and have been trying to get rid of it for awhile. If you want it please PM me. Looking around 40 for it. I also can't determine if it's the first or second pressing. If anyone knows how to tell let me know.
  3. Looking to buy or trade. Go ahead and look through the list. Updated it recently
  4. Awesome! Glad to see that you got it that quick! Hope everything looks and plays great. I can't really put up anything else for about a week. I mean if u see something on my list just ask, but I'm in the hospital till next Wed. so I really can't do much till then. I'll have my bro ship the records until I do get back home.
  5. yeesh. always remember: practice golf cart safety! at least you now have the opportunity to catch up on all your daytime television viewing? There were actually 6 of us on the 2 seat golf cart We were driving on a gravel terrain and I lost my footing on the back of the cart. The back tire got a hold of my left foot and proceeded to grind my foot with the gravel. Ate right through my shoe and sock. Rushed to the hospital. Had to have my foot cleaned. Now I need to heal this infection and then I need to have a skin graph. Great vacation
  6. Ive always called people "kid" though. I mean ill keep the girly thing on file or something though. lol yeah its pretty infected, do it from far away.
  7. Honestly, I really don't have this much angst in me normally. I'm actually just aggravated/bored of being in the hospital with half the skin of my left foot missing. Which also happened to be jumping/falling from a golf cart while on vacation this weekend. And yes, I know I was in a drunken hot mess.
  8. www.sadtrombone.com more for the rest of us! bwhahahahaha! Does not mean i would not order after the street date kid. Just this is making me realize that pre-orders are just about pointless. I would have had no problem waiting another 2 months and just waited for the street date instead of waiting on a random day.
  9. Even though this is one of my top 10 albums ever, I don't think I will ever P/O again after this.
  10. Baroness is on hold, but Daughters and Supermachiner are still here!!! Will have more records up for sale soon!
  11. Pelican is sold, but I'm still trying to get ride of these!