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  1. If my records were stored somewhere that made them feel warm to the touch, I'd have moved them in less time than it took you to type this. You don't mess with heat and vinyl, period.
  2. Would make more sense than the way Other Music used to do it…
  3. Yes sir: a semi-anonymous collective of crypto currency buyers wishing to transform ownership of this album into an NFT was obviously the next logical step in this record's journey... https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/wu-tang-nft-album-once-upon-time-shaolin-1244859/
  4. When you charge $300 for an action figure, it probably distorts the revenue breakout a little…
  5. The craziest thing is how these guys used to do vinyl as a fun little niche side project when they were releasing Maniac and stuff but now they’re pretty much a record shop that sells some expensive merch like tiki mugs and silk-screened posters on the side…
  6. My guess is they had the best intentions to start but at some point in the project, they could see this wasn't going to turn out how they envisioned and instead of trying to make it right - or even just own up to their mistakes - they decided to just go with the subpar effort and hope no one would notice... ...but they obviously did.
  7. Still can’t believe how much material gets milked out of Nirvana, Sex Pistols and Joy Division when they were each around for so short a time. Feel like there’s more box sets around for these bands than the Stones…
  8. This one’s been up a while, these are usually instant sellouts. Maybe that AmRep/Melvins magic is wearing off?!
  9. Because these were only available in a box set, I doubt they came individually shrinkwrapped. It also looks like they were only available in Europe where records are very rarely shrinkwrapped so it makes it even less likely they came this way “from the factory.” Edit: There is one scenario where they could be brand new - sometimes record shops in the 70s/80s would special order imports and those would sometimes be put in shrink by the distro or even the shop themselves but in either case it wouldn’t be the factory or label applying it, it would be after the fact… but technically, they’d be “brand new in shrink.”
  10. Hadn’t noticed that - I just saw 20+ in stock so figured it was new. Maybe it was copies they held back…
  11. Banquet's getting in on the action: https://www.banquetrecords.com/angels-%26-airwaves/lifeforms/Rise485-7
  12. Probably doesn’t help that they’re 10”s, the most hated of vinyl formats.
  13. I’d hardly call people selling 20+ year old indie albums scalpers. I mean, it’s not like they’re flipping the UO variant of something and listing on eBay while they’re still in preorder. These things are long out of print, highly regarded classics. That’s basically any good used record store’s bread and butter.
  14. Yes, if only one do Waterloo. End Of An Ear is a close second but not as large or centrally located.
  15. Ok, which one of you guys got it? https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-sells-unique-wu-tang-clan-album-owned-by-martin-shkreli-11627411669
  16. How could you argue with the creative mind behind such album cover masterpieces as this?
  17. Always a shame when these new kids on the block like Rough Trade (Est. 1976) start jumping on the vinyl bandwagon and screw stuff up so royally. Leave it to the professionals, guys…
  18. In my experience I think this actually works the other way because the lower priced copies (missing covers, water damaged, otherwise unplayable) set a “floor” people look at and also drop the average. I guess it goes both ways, though; probably for rarer releases the price is inflated by the “low/average/high” history and for more common releases it hurts prices.
  19. Yup, this is all part of the forbidden dance know as The Mystery of the Hobby.

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