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  1. Make me any offer on either of these stay safe everybody Bob’s Burgers Deluxe Box set Vinyl Moon 4LP bundle
  2. Stay the fuck away from Fat Beats records purchased > $80 worth of records from them in Dec. No update on shipping / refund and no response after 3 emails and social reach out. Had to go through my bank
  3. a fucking third is clear do some quality control never ordering anything from Levitation again
  4. I have from Greenway 3 times, 2 have been splatter for frankie and 1 for levitation room the pics above hands down is the most pathetic splatter I’m not looking for perfection, but this is a let down imho
  5. Was anyone thrown off by the key/notes of the piano at the end of the new single???
  6. Does anyone have any info on Polaris’ Adventures of Pete & Pete reissue? the only site that I’ve found is Rough Trades UK site. Their US site goes nowhere
  7. when I heard Get Back on the radio driving to school, i thought it was one of the greatest songs of all time
  8. http://www.recordstore.co.uk/artist.html?a=doves all reissues are half price - I didn’t check to see about shipping costs to the states and if local US stores are following this pretty crazy price - I have some cities and the pressing quality is very very good
  9. Curious to know consensus about pressing reviews. I usually tend to search for this info via Steve Hoffman or Reddit, sometimes Discogs can be helpful have these threads been tried here before? Would a large general one be preferred vs band specific, I’m guessing the latter may be easier for searches?
  10. This makes sense still a head scratcher. Curious If the shows around this one had the same issue with Matt’s voice
  11. Do at least a 14-30 second video recording on parts where the skips are definitely there and email the cherry tree club the video along with the request i did this last year w Vol 1 And they came through with a new copy for the delay, net of COVID, I’m 100% making sure there are absolutely no skips. Also with non splatter vinyl this should really not be an issue im sorry about this this is why I didn’t buy the cherry tree version of HV 10th anniversary
  12. i guess i got lucky seeing them at the tour opening for TWFM didn't know this
  13. thanks!!! why the f would they pick a show where the lead singer's vocals are strained...wtf
  14. @lethalenforcer can you let us know your thoughts on Matt's vocal after you give it a spin?
  15. if this is true, after I take a listen, I may end up not renewing my membership - not worth the $50 yearly fees and honestly I don't go to concerts much anymore rather put more money towards radiohead when / if they ever come back to northern CA
  16. A+ Alligator Boxer SSDL A High Violet (would have been A+ if they kept the guitar solo outro for Geeks and didn’t use a demo version for Terrible Love) A - TWFM B+ SWB B S/T D IAETF

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