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  1. I saw him back in November. Pretty cool all solo stuff. There were like 8 people there.
  2. Yeah I think Im going to save myself the shipping and pick this up at a local shop on the 16th
  3. What a fucking shit show I ended up getting the 300 and whatever variant. Had to use Michrosoft Edge to do it.
  4. Hopefully Siamese Dream pops up somewhere soon!
  5. I'll play. Here's my junk not as nice as some of these other set ups but check out that other dudes post about livin in So Cal. Please ignore the mess.
  6. 50 is a little high for a 2x LP but isn't that bad but for the single discs that's just nuts. I know they had a hard time licensing the record from Warner Bros in the past and weren't getting the best deal to do it so that might be some of it. But for me 50 bucks straight to the people that made it is fine.
  7. Looks like they've repressed the 1st 3 albums https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/failure
  8. Its disappointing that these are so much NIN has always been good about having shirts for 25-30 at there shows while most bands at their level charge 40-50. But Trent seems to be leaning towards expansive special editions lately.
  9. This is why these guys are the kings https://store.toolband.com/product/TLCT257/aenima-wheres-the-vinyl-tee?cp=109315_112352 but Glassjaw gives them a run for there money (or yours)
  10. I've seen a few bands sell barned umbrellas merch manufactures must be pushing them
  11. Its a really cool book with amazing art and the fact that it comes with an original piece from Mills is incredible, but if you aren't into art book its probably not for you. I picked mine up when they sent out the discount codes for the huge delays in the OG rounds of the definitive editions so I at least got it at a discount. But Sandbag sent me a copy of the Hesitation Marks LP. After a few days of getting the run around from SB hit up NINs twitter and they over nighted me one. Anyway its an awesome book if you like art books but still think it should have come with the LPs housed inside. Would have sold out in hours.

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