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  1. well if anyone missed out the flippers are super reasonable https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313&_nkw=thursday+war+live&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_odkw=nine+inch+nails+promo&_osacat=0&_sop=10
  2. https://www.halfwayho.me/jacob-turnbloom-laughter-in-the-forever-after 180g Blue Spatter limited to 80 180g Black limited 120 Fantastic under rated artist check it out if you dont know his work: This new collection of songs from Jacob Turnbloom is a comforting flash of San Diego spirit through and through, and it is as infectious as one would expect from a songwriter force behind one of our city’s most legendary surf goth rock groups, Mrs Magician. His songwriting is as catchy and piercing as it was when he fronted that band, but in the years since their last album, and even since his 2019 debut solo effort, “Cemetery Luau”, Jacob has sonically stretched his legs and giving his songs more room to breathe. On “Laughter in the Forever After”, he incorporates sweet textural components, like tasteful scraper blocks and lush synth pads, to create a sun-soaked landscape for these pop gems to thrive and frolic around in. This space in which the songs had to grow alleviates some of the sense of urgency that some of his other more punk-adjacent projects have, and that seems to have given every moment more layers, attention and care. The warmth of this album is undeniable and all over, in all the instrumentation’s deep reverberations and Jacob’s seemingly effortless vocal melodies, and there is so much to get submerged in throughout the entirety of it. There isn’t a better representation of the feeling of Southern California than this upcoming record.
  3. Since they're on tour the signed ones will probably take a bit longer. Ordered the blue and orange non signed pretty quick and mine only went out Friday
  4. MC if anyone is still lookin https://www.vinyljunkies.net/products/the-smashing-pumpkins-mellon-collie-and-the-infinite-sadness-4lp-box-set-local-pick-up-only-limit-1-per-customer?mc_cid=98c9cf555e&mc_eid=e51f099e18
  5. I've been holding off listening to this album too much so I can really enjoy the record when it gets here. But I'm seeing them in a few weeks in San Diego so I should probably just give the digital copy a few more listens
  6. Checked back in on this to remind myself when it supposed to ship (sometime this month). The Orange and Blue variants no longer have anything about them being limited. Pretty cool guys!
  7. No Ian we need Repeater on Blue and Red Medicine on Red!
  8. ^Hey man the images are dead on your post. You should be ashamed this place used to have standards for posting. I guess they'll let anyone post these days.
  9. Ahh TOOL always looking out for the audiophiles. Im going to go put on my copies of 10,000 Days & Aenima. I mean whatever I bought a copy of this but its 5 discs to get more money.
  10. Does he play Hum and Centaur stuff or og solo stuff?
  11. These Rollins Band albums have been pressed but they're hard to find for a good price these days
  12. THIS^^^ Yeah I have all or at least the the more common pressings of these. I've never noticed a huge difference between the pressings. I even listened to side 1 of the DS from the OG pressing and the DE, I give the DE a slight edge but they all sound good IMO. I usually put on the DE pressings but really comes down to personal preference.
  13. I found one at my local shop. Dude at the counter said most of their catalog got reprinted and was available for order.
  14. New song RIPS! got the 199 that shipping is nuts but I'll take the hit for Cave In. I like that they made the black the most rare but it should have a heavier weight.
  15. I keep looking in on that Fueled By Raman thread pretending there's even a slim chance there's repress the Impossibles stuff. I'll check this out

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