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  1. Received this in the mail last week. Pressing is incredibly quiet and sounds amazing.
  2. Brisbane, Australia For shipping comparison, the last record i shipped over from the states cost me $25 USD to ship (or $36 AUD) - and no this is not express, just standard three week shipping. I'd hazard a guess that Room40 is taking a small hit on their international shipping rates.
  3. Anyone got this yet? I pre-ordered after I heard the second single so record wont get to Australia for a couple of weeks... super excited for this.
  4. Picked this up yesterday on a whim - first album in a while to leave me speechless, now to check out the rest of his discog
  5. Alright Karl Marx enough of your jibber jabber
  6. Either I'm getting old or I just don't care anymore - probably more important stuff out in the world to worry about than a relatively obscure electronic artist pressing more records.
  7. This is available to stream on NPR in the US: http://www.npr.org/2017/09/25/552381892/first-listen-benjamin-clementine-i-tell-a-fly If you are elsewhere, download the NPR One app on your phone and you can listen without the geoblocking It is really fucking good.
  8. Anyone wanna help an aussie out? they dont have an option to ship here *edit* aus shipping added, all good!
  9. Dunno what ya'll on about this new Shigeto is fire - tuned into it last night at 3am when I couldn't sleep and the vibes were bumping
  10. This is such a surprise, was not expecting any destroyer output this year given the time between Kaputt and Poison Season POd with haste
  11. Just as an aside, i'd love some new ASMZ material... Kollaps Tradixionales is one of my all time faves
  12. fuck. yes. I mean, f#a# came with a train rolled penny so they have done weird shit before. But i expect nothing more than the standard 180gm black form constellation. no complaints either.
  13. Pre order up now - last album was amazing - expect no less http://westernvinyl.com/shop/wv170
  14. His last album So the Flies Don't Come was incredible, judging by the quality of the lead single off this new one, he is seriously stepping up his game. Track is bonkers. Love Milo's style, delivery, wordsmith, he is probably my fave rapper behind Kendrick. Black vinyl, or cassette if that's your thing. https://miloraps.bandcamp.com/album/who-told-you-to-think
  15. Have had a look over last couple of days and haven't found anything unfortunately
  16. Benjamin Clementine has a new album out titled 'I tell a fly', following up his Mercury Prize winning first album. First single Phantom of Allepoville was incredible, messing with structure and with trademark sonic and vocal expression you can expect from Clementine. There is a pre-order for limited colour 2xlp on some french site which I took a punt on, not sure on any other avenues though... I Tell a Fly Double Vinyle Edition limitée - Benjamin Clementine - Vinyl ...
  17. I think i have come to a point of acceptance about what PTM has become and probably will be from this point onwards. I can put this album and enjoy it as background music, it's got catchy stuff and it's not terrible. But it is not challenging me in anyway, musically it doesn't excite me. I wonder if they have the drive to make music that excites people anymore? However many albums in have they just got comfortable? When they make music now does Gourley still think back to his idols he spoke of in the blog post they made when they signed to Atlantic (http://www.altpress.com/news/entry/portugal._the_man_sign_to_atlantic)? I think they did the catchy pop style incredibly well on Satanic Satanist- and it is still one of my favourite records, and this new record is definitely a departure from their standard stuff. But the excitement is gone.
  18. did Mac do this on purpose to piss off the variant collectors i wonder.... He does like to do funny stuff with his vinyl - e.g. the shit, piss and vomit variant of salad days

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