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  1. I second the banhammer. Feels like the wild west if dudes like that are able to just run amok in here. Aenima is a completely flawless album IMO but it also hits me in a nostalgic place given where I was in life/age when it was released.
  2. Yeah but more importantly, it's not actually up. Dude is just continuing the "giant douche hijacking this thread" theme he had going for him.
  3. I enjoyed the VMP article on Tyler Childers and LOVE his new album, so I sent an email suggesting VMP pursue a release of it. They emailed back a few minutes later and indicated they passed it along to their music curation team. The indie exclusive version of this is super hard to find (1000 total pressed) and is going for a lot on the bay already. I'd encourage anyone who digs his music to send a request!
  4. Sad indeed. I was lucky enough to see them at Glasslands in Brooklyn in 2012. Easily one of the best venue/artist pairings I’ve witnessed.
  5. I wasn't angry because I didn't know it existed until now! Regardless, thanks for the heads up on the Amazon bargain!
  6. I absolutely had to scoop up the Guru album this month but I'm really intrigued by this month's release. Might have to get it next month depending on the next ROTM. I didn't join this club expecting (or wanting) reissues of fairly mainstream albums so I'm pretty glad they went this route for Feb.
  7. Is there any specific logic to what you're able to swap for? If the ROTM is Play, I'd probably swap for Jazzmatazz if possible. It's not always clear to me what's available for swapping but I could just be dense.
  8. This is just giving me analysis paralysis and stressing me out. Leaning toward the Kickstarter and Wax Mage glow in the dark. I wonder if VMP will press one?
  9. Apologies if I should be able to figure this out easily but is this one of the good quality pressings or bad?
  10. I swear I made it all the way through using PayPal but haven't received a confirmation email or notification from PayPal. Ugh.
  11. CF has two variants of this right now. It was in their latest newsletter. https://www.castlefacerecords.com/products/king-gizzard-the-lizard-wizard-im-in-your-mind-fuzz
  12. I haven't seen this posted yet but CF repressed this and it was noted in their latest newsletter. Half Berry, Half Blender. https://www.castlefacerecords.com/products/king-gizzard-quarters