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  1. verb1999

    PO: Norma Jean - Redeemer

    I emailed Absolute Merch's customer service to see if they'll refund my purchase, updated to the fixed shipping costs. That was quite the blunder...
  2. Looks like there are a few more variants and definitely some confusion as to these releases. I checked Impericon the day these went on sale and saw the bronze (I think) but not the red/gold/black splatter, but does look like the splatter is now sold out. EMP ships to many different countries and continents even, but not the U.S., so that one also sold out before I could snag one. Banquet has the gold/clear and the pictured red/gold/black splatter. Blue with black splatter looks to be available on Impericon, and also Pledgemusic.com in the U.S. Embrace for a kick to the nuts, $26 + almost $11 for shipping. So $37 USD from the U.S. or shipped from Impericon in Germany, they come out to the same price. And the gold/clear was also for sale from pledgemusic but is sold out. That's all I got for now.
  3. I'm not understanding the difference between JB HiFi's "exclusive" /800 black in gold, and Europe's /1000 black in gold. Both mockups look identical. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/Whats-Hot/metal/reverence-limited-jb-hi-fi-exclusive-gold-black-vinyl/605356/
  4. Love this band, got to get these ordered. Very curious to see what's in store for AILD. Tim released a lengthy apology to everybody on their FB page not too long ago.
  5. verb1999

    Local H - As Good As Dead on 2xLP

    You guys must have all voted. They won the contest, and are opening for Metallica on 5 dates: May 19th in MA, June 4th in STL, June 14th in San Antonio, June 16th in Dallas and June 18th where else? Chicago.
  6. verb1999

    Local H - As Good As Dead on 2xLP

    Vote for these boys to open up for Metallica: https://metallica.com/…/4…/hit-the-stage-with-us-this-summer A few days ago the results were public, and after being down about 500 votes to...idk Shattered Sun I think, they stormed ahead and were leading. Afterwards, results went private and they required an email address to confirm votes. Kind of interesting, suspicious a little, but nonetheless, would be pretty sweet to see them win. Not sure this is the place to rack up a ton of votes, but I figure a couple more wouldn't hurt 'em.
  7. These guys are sure no strangers to playing full albums live. Self titled had a tour, Sticks And Stones did... Too bad the shit went down with Steve the way it did, that was around the 10 year anniversary of Catalyst. Weren't there rumors of a 10 year tour & a vinyl press? Maybe that was just wishful thinking. I still can't believe that album has never been pressed. What gives? What are they waiting for? And what ever happened with Steve, anyways? That all just seemed to fade away. I see he's active on Twitter... Not frequently, but he's on there. Was he not guilty? Anyways, I love the full albums at a live show. To me, for bands that have been around this long, nothing beats hearing the songs that they never play otherwise.
  8. Not to derail the thread from the vinyl release, but is anybody catching the 20 year anniversary tour? Got to be one of the best live bands in the world, am I right? I believe that's fact, not opinion. But I could be wrong. I'll be road tripping for the 3 Chicago shows next week, & am more than excited to hear all the songs they never play live.
  9. verb1999

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Time to press the panic button. To my experiences, Hot Topic has been very sporadic with notifications. Both with ship-to-store and to my house. Sometimes I get step by step notifications, other times one, sometimes none.
  10. verb1999

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Awesome, got my greedy, grubby hands on the Suicide Season. So many page refreshes on my phone waiting on that one. Just caught Horizon the other night in Chicago, too. Awesome show, minus their setlist being nearly identical, if not identical, to their last U.S. tour. Still a really good time though, and worth the road trip.
  11. verb1999

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Nothing worse. I've swung and missed at a couple Hot Topic records recently. This and Horizon's Suicide Season. Though not refreshing as frequently as the guy pictured below, I was watching the thread like a hawk for those two releases. A couple days busy and a refresh later and better luck next time. When you guys think about these full time flippers, who do you imagine behind the keyboard, anyways? Anybody other than this guy?
  12. verb1999

    Body Count - info on Bloodlust

    How are you guys liking the new song No Lives Matter?? I think it's one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. In the essence that it gets me excited. It's such a great blend of old school Ice-T and Body Count with new school flavor. To me, it's very reminiscent of Cop Killer, but it still sounds brand new and fresh. It's very political times, and these guys spear into the heart of it, and are so dead on with their message. Hopefully it spreads. I'm excited for this album.
  13. verb1999

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Can we still call you Travis at least? Inspectah Deck? Will you stay true to your screen name and leave it a mystery? The Hot Topic thread is BACK.
  14. $25. As far as vinyl goes, I don't keep up with Protest all that much (I really should, those guys kick ass), so I'm not sure if this is widely available or not, but they had an $80 box set that has each song on the new album (or EP) on it's own 7", with its instrumental on the B-side. I would've loved to've grabbed it but I did no have an extra $80 burning a hole in my pocket.