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  1. Hellz yeah, I was able to get that buddy from the U.K. to snag it for me. Good lookin' out!
  2. Are they trying to market her as the next Gwen Stefani?
  3. It looks like the Impericon mustard/aqua swirl is no more, so if anybody purchased one and would be willing to part with it, or trade for another variant (and I would throw in a shirt or something extra), let me know. My wallet is open and willing to negotiate! That’ll be the only Currents release I don’t have up to this point.
  4. Here we go again. Norma Jean one of three bands I’m a variant nerd, and have every release. Missed the /200, I logged off Twitter must’ve been minutes before the announcement. Go figure. Should anybody be interested in trading or selling theirs, my wallet is open. Feel free to dig around. I missed out on the /50 alternate cover of All Hail and ended up finding one so I’m hopeful on this. They should stream a live show playing Meridional front to back for this anniversary celebration, no??
  5. Greatest band on the planet!! Ok, maybe a little bias, but I think they're up there with The Beatles. Glad to see there are other fans on the board. Stoked for this release, I sure hope there aren't too many delays. Is there anybody who may be able to assist a brotha on getting the European Impericon variant? They do not ship to the U.S. I may have somebody on hand, but I'm not sure yet. I am a geek variant collector for this band, I even have Life//Lost and Victimized CDs. Although I might wait a short while, and see what they post on their own website. Impericon had the green variant of I Let The Devil in which I imported through a 3rd party friend, only to find it available later in the U.S. Maybe that will happen again for this release. p.s. Those Killer Merch cats that Sharptone goes through should change their name to Killer Shipping Prices. Ouch! They're as brutal as Currents’ music is. And that's not a good thing.
  6. I knew you were from the U.S. when I read this. Can people outside of the U.S. confirm the idea that you don't really grow out of being a metal head? I'm from the United States and feel kind of sad that most of my friends who I listened to such bands as Korn and Slipknot with growing up also grew up and grew out of loud music. Fuck that, 40 years old and metal head till I die. Bring it on. Yeah Slipknot isn't remaking Iowa over and over, but for a band who have become mainstream, their last few albums are bad ass. Personally, I've only expanded my loud music tastes, new bands, old bands, bands that were big when I was in high school 20 years ago, I'll take it all and still tear up the pit at a show. But I hear over seas you don't see that as much, this idea of growing out of it. If you grew up listening to metal, you always will. And guy I quoted, maybe you just meant Korn and Slipknot or "nu metal" specifically and still like metal, I'm just guessing, here. Probably making an idiot out of myself that's why I don't post often but I'm quarantined and drinking I figure why not conversate, right? No hate, it's all love. I'm buzzed, but not on Slipknot whiskey. Come on. Unsainted and All Out Life (thought technically not a We Are Not Your Kind track) are two of the most fun energetic Slipknot tracks to date. There were some weak "singing" points of the album I'm willing to admit. But overall for a radio band, it's heavy and they did a good job.
  7. Better than the '96 Bulls?! I don't know, man... On one hand...I'm thinking they're out of their minds making themselves look foolish for making such a claim. Dennis Rodman was on that fucking team... And then...on the other hand...I'm considering the band New Found Glory and I think they have a case...
  8. I would like to place an ad, and mention that if anybody who snagged that alternate cover version wouldn't be heartbroken parting with it, I would be elated to keep the variant collection going. I'll keep the hunt on elsewhere as well, but I'll make it worth someone's while if they would sell or possibly trade.
  9. Oh no, I'm sorry, I meant to say I was speaking on my personal experience(s), as a preteen/young teenager, far far away from the CPT, in a suburb of Minneapolis. Nobody I knew had those magazines. Not that I paid too much attention to the Minneapolis/St Paul newspapers, but I never saw anything about N.W.A. No cable TV in my house. I was introduced to all of this music from kids at school. And moreso, I was high when I wrote that, and just deep in thought about how that all worked before the internet existed. Whether it was word of mouth on the playground, newspaper, The Box, whatever the case. We all didn't have access to it universally, together, in our pockets.
  10. Agree that this is one of the greatest EPs of all time, and includes one of the greatest intros of all time. All the way Down 2 Tha Last Roach, front to back, rapid fire bangers. I remember taking two vacations to LA when I was between 13 & 16, circa 1994-1996, and we didn't vacation much [at least far away]. Being from Minnesota, we definitely didn't have hip-hop/rap radio stations or anything of the kind. With no internet, all of this was really spread through word of mouth. Crazy to think about... But anyways, (probably on 92.3 The Beat I'm guessing) they played all this stuff. I remember hearing It's On, and thinking that was so cool hearing it on an actual radio station. It's On was supposed to be the first single, and I wanna say this EP was set to be released before Real Muthaphukkin G's was even recorded. I forget how/why it came about, but I found super fascinating to learn that Eazy-E met B.G. Knocc-Out and Dresta the day that song was recorded. In the studio. Literally picked up from the Compton streets, brought to the studio, and first thing they did was jump in the booth & fire off those (at least in my mind) legendary verses. Eazy loved it, and was on board with those boys from that point. If you guys are interested in this stuff too, youtube DJ Vlad's interviews with them. They tell all the stories, and if you guys are anything like me, you'll be glued to it. I always thought B.G. Knocc-Out and Dresta were very underrated. They killed it on this EP. Has anybody heard their solo album Real Brothas? Fucking great West Coast G-funk flavor. That should've been a huge album, I thought. I would love to see what they all would have done, especially with Bone coming into the fray a year or so later, had Eazy never died.
  11. There goes my Norma Jean variant collection. Damn. I'm off the bandwagon! Can I cancel all but one of my pre-orders of the rest of the variants. Ouch. Life goes on, right? Or is this the end...?
  12. I'm not 100% sure on years, but spring of 04 they were touring with Fear Factory and Chimaira. It mustve been later 04, or maybe 05 when they went out with Lamb of God and Shadows Falls. Slipknot had some killer openers back then...introduced me to some of my favorite bands today, including all mentioned. Minus Fear Factory, for some reason they never really caught on with me. Agreed, I hold off on listening to all singles altogether, if I can help it. I was able to avoid even hearing All Out Life until last Friday somehow. I also attended the Iowa State Fair last Saturday, hooo-leeee shit was that fun. They also had film crews at the show, and were recording live. I'm curious what they'll do with the footage. Hopefully the show gets released in full... Now this weekend I'm hitting the KC & STL shows, I hope ya'lls are getting out there and catching these guys when they come through your town, you're surely missing out if you're not!! I love my records (and CDs and cassettes), but this type of music is made for live performances, is it not??
  13. Saw these guys last night, damn do they still have it. Tortilla Head and all. I won't give out any spoilers, but I suggest catching the tour if you get a chance. Fucking awesome setlist, possibly one of my favorites since '04 when I first saw them. Minus when they played the full Iowa album a couple years ago, of course.