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  1. I did a search on the site, didn't see that anybody posted about this, so just in case anyone wasn't aware. All 5 full length LPs in "alternate colors", it looks like the covers are all alternate colors, as well. Pretty damn expensive at $200 (+$19 shipping within the U.S.) equating to about $44 per record. Also comes with a ticket to the TPAS livestream which takes place April 23rd, 2021. 1,000 pressed, doesn't ship until October. https://thebarricade.live/products/wcar-vip-vinyl-box-set
  2. https://sharptonerecords.co/products/we-came-as-romans-cold-like-war-repressing-black-gold-swirl I realize this post was quite a while ago by now, but just in case you didn't see this.
  3. The greatest and only Fall Out Boy album. Light that smoke! Yeah, one for, giving up on me! ...........And one just 'cause they'll kill you sooner than my expectations.
  4. What does everybody else think of the song they wrote called F.Y.M. about stimulus checks? Kinda fun listening to that one dreaming of what I'll be doing with my next one. Kind of thoughtful for them I thought, to write a song for/about us during such a time. I've only heard the first half of the album so far, and I'm liking it better than Bad Vibrations, anyways. By a lot. Not sure what it was, but Bad Vibrations fell completely flat for me. Even the single Paranoia, the best song on the album, is mediocre at best. And I really liked Common Courtesy a lot. Probably an unpopular op
  5. Nice! Glad I snagged one last minute. Also just bought tickets to their shows in California in October. GA pits are again available (at only $180 per. /s) Better than paying a scalper more though, I guess. That is, if it's not too early to be speaking on live events... Lord knows these shows will probably get canceled.
  6. No one likes Cruising California!! lol I love that jam. In the right scenario. Summertime at the beach or a BBQ, or summer nighttime drives with the old school subs rockin' the bass in the trunk. Come on. How can all their other pop jams get love but pure hate for that one. Anyways, clearly Let The Bad Times Roll is their lead straight pop song. Come Out And Play, Pretty Fly, Original Prankster, Hit That, Cruising California, most albums have one. It's been a recipe for massive success, why wouldn't they. And with that said, I like the song, it's fun. I do dislike that their oth
  7. You're giving humans too much credit if you were thinking anything otherwise. No but seriously, ok what's goin on now? I was out of town for a week, just getting caught up here. When are these going on sale? What did I miss?
  8. Or both, if they really want to live by their message & practice what they are preaching...
  9. Also thought both bands did a great job. I had no hesitation pulling the trigger on the stream or the split to support all involved.
  10. Sounds like they're trying to be environmentally friendly. Which goes along with the theme/message of at least some of their music, specifically on this new EP. Doesn't seem like such a bad thing, aye?
  11. Plus the NFG Christmas show had some glorious moments. Their Home Alone skit had me lmao. And anybody who missed Every Time I Die's Christmas "Telethon"...my God...if those guys ever want to, they can get a gig writing comedy, I swear. So funny and so good. Those types of shows I wouldn't mind being here to stay. Just side entertainment streams. But yeah, the live show thing. I'll still keep buying tickets in hopes to keep all these bands afloat & just keep hoping live music returns sooner than later.
  12. Fucking great looking out, man! Appreciate this post. Hell, I appreciated just the fact that someone posted Within The Ruins, I was going to chime in just to say that. Been a fan every since way back when Creature was new. Just some shinfo, but they have a new singer on this album. If anyone else has been a fan for a while or seen them live, any opinion on Steve? I think he's filled in great, and is a perfect fit for the band. I haven't listened to this new one much yet, but gotdamn do they have the best instrumentals. Eighty Sixed and the 5th install of Ataxia are both killer
  13. I miss this band. I was lucky enough to catch them live in Dallas, jeez was that (approximately) one year ago? Or two now. Either way, I miss them, and miss live shows. Their stream was great, but these streams are starting to lose their luster. Not that live streams were ever supposed to be a replacement for a live experience... And this is not specific to TSL's stream, just in general. Getting sick of sitting on the couch to watch shows... Soz, end short rant, before it becomes a long rant. The Direction stream sounded excellent and I can't wait for the next two.

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