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  1. Have to agree. Don't fully understand how this band has gained so much traction. Agree they're okay, and/or not bad. Maybe if I listened to it a lot more I could get into it.
  2. What's this house and kids jargon? What about a 39 year old all kinds of music groupie who spends all his time and money on CDs, records, cassettes, road trips, plane and concert tickets. Classified or still unacceptable? I'm perplexed by your judgement of anybody attempting to get into any kind of music at any time. One part I do agree with, somewhat, it's a little silly when older cats use young kids' slang terms. In my day, at least in my neighborhood, when something was sick, that meant bad. So I've never used that one. That would be pathetic.
  3. 2,500 more The Way It Ends records pressed, between 3 different variants. All 3 available currently on Sharptone's website. 500 glow in the dark: https://sharptonerecords.co/products/currents-the-way-it-ends-glow-in-the-dark-vinyl 1,000 half blue half black w/black splatter: https://sharptonerecords.co/products/currents-the-way-it-ends-half-electric-blue-half-black-w-black-splatter-vinyl-pre-order 1,000 half clear half blue "mega" splatter: https://sharptonerecords.co/products/currents-the-way-it-ends-half-clear-half-blue-mega-splatter-vinyl-pre-order A
  4. Okay, fair enough. Why? Too teenage/young & angsty? Rubber bracelets, emo swoops and girl pants from Wet Seal? What inspired this idea was attending New Found Glory's shows in Florida a couple weeks ago. In Jacksonville, both at the show between bands, and at a post-show afterparty featured all kinds of music from the 04-12 MySpace era. As much as I got into a ton of music then, it's impossible to get into ALL of it. And Underoath was one of the bands I probably would've liked, but they weren't given the proper chance. But I was digging a bunch of the music tha
  5. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but as someone who's never listened to Underoath before, can you guys recommend a place to start? Say at a live show, how far back in their catalog do they dig? Only Chasing Safety is an album I've heard of time and time again, but see they have 3 albums before that, from 99, 00 and 02. Are those first three worth getting into for a casual fan, or do I really only need to start with 04's They're Only Chasing Safety?
  6. I too, was thinking similarly. I think this song is one of the band's most popular, and being as the version they always play live is entirely different than the LP, it only made sense for them to release it. I think it would have been better as an anniversary standalone single of sorts (or included as an Ixnay anniversary rerelease?), but I think from the business perspective of the band, it's wiser to put it on a full length. It'll give the broad audience who would give that song the attention, an increased chance they'll also check out (and purchase) the other 11 tracks. Though this the
  7. I did a search on the site, didn't see that anybody posted about this, so just in case anyone wasn't aware. All 5 full length LPs in "alternate colors", it looks like the covers are all alternate colors, as well. Pretty damn expensive at $200 (+$19 shipping within the U.S.) equating to about $44 per record. Also comes with a ticket to the TPAS livestream which takes place April 23rd, 2021. 1,000 pressed, doesn't ship until October. https://thebarricade.live/products/wcar-vip-vinyl-box-set
  8. https://sharptonerecords.co/products/we-came-as-romans-cold-like-war-repressing-black-gold-swirl I realize this post was quite a while ago by now, but just in case you didn't see this.
  9. The greatest and only Fall Out Boy album. Light that smoke! Yeah, one for, giving up on me! ...........And one just 'cause they'll kill you sooner than my expectations.
  10. What does everybody else think of the song they wrote called F.Y.M. about stimulus checks? Kinda fun listening to that one dreaming of what I'll be doing with my next one. Kind of thoughtful for them I thought, to write a song for/about us during such a time. I've only heard the first half of the album so far, and I'm liking it better than Bad Vibrations, anyways. By a lot. Not sure what it was, but Bad Vibrations fell completely flat for me. Even the single Paranoia, the best song on the album, is mediocre at best. And I really liked Common Courtesy a lot. Probably an unpopular op
  11. Nice! Glad I snagged one last minute. Also just bought tickets to their shows in California in October. GA pits are again available (at only $180 per. /s) Better than paying a scalper more though, I guess. That is, if it's not too early to be speaking on live events... Lord knows these shows will probably get canceled.

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