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  1. I reached out to them a little while back, about the drop in price on this box set. I had to at least ask about it. Maybe I'm being petty, but I think $50 isn't that petty. Either way, their response was that if you pre-ordered back during the TPAS livestream merch drop, that the records were part of a VIP deluxe package, and that's why there was a price difference. Which didn't sound right, so I went back and looked at my invoice, and the $199 price did indeed come with a ticket to the livestream. So I guess that was just a $50 ticket. Pretty steep, but. At least there's an answer that makes sense, anyways.
  2. Anybody catching these bad boys live, lately? I caught the first two stops of the current tour in Fargo, ND & Omaha, NE. These dudes still bring it, and absolutely crush, live. So much fun... I hope ya'lls catch a show when you can. And don't be too shy to get a little bit of that push mosh goin' on...when Custer comes on, idk how anybody doesn't...
  3. Well, the boys have confirmed a live show. They themselves haven't seemed to announce anything, but Blue Ridge Rock Festival confirmed them. I was wondering when they'd be active again. Wonder if it'll just be a one-off, or if they've been writing/recording or may have a more elaborate tour cookin'...
  4. The [re]release that killed my NJ variant collection... I did what I could!
  5. All I can say at this point, is between here, Reddit, Twitter, a couple published articles, Facebook, MySpace, I've read quite a bit about this the last couple days. In face so much, that a few times I was exhausted and had to just shut the computer off. Which made me feel horrific for the parties involved who have been dealing with this mess behind the scenes for so long, who can't just shut it off. Nonetheless, it's been interesting to hear everyone's ideas. Now more than previous to the official breakup, Keith's interviews & posts just seem like relatively incoherent rambling. I would love to know what drugs, and how much of them, he indulged in before getting sober. I feel like it's just a mix of a scrambled brain, trying so hard to find a foundation and some clarity, while still feeling the side effects of extreme paranoia, delusions, etc. But I know nothing about what he was doing (besides alcohol), nor about long lasting effects of whatever drugs he was doing. He's also a grown man, and putting 100% of the blame on Angie Ono isn't right, but she sure doesn't seem to be helping. It's very easy to be manipulated when you're in love... How much of it could be something of that nature, versus just purely a recovering addict? Love is a drug in and of itself. She certainly is a massive red flag in this story. I hope it's not purely that... The other couple things I wanted to add, did you guys see Goose's girlfriend's twitter response to Keith? What Keith says, throughout ALL of this, is really kind of difficult to grasp exactly what he means a lot of the time. Everybody else's responses are quite clear, if you ask me. I didn't think Steve's posts were messy at all. They made a ton of sense. (Verbally, not the formatting) What I do worry about at this point, is a guy who needs to log off the internet, and figure his shit out, reading all of this and feeling alienated. And responding to his own Twitter post where he discussed not understanding what Under Water Bimbos was all about, during their last tour. Yesterday he simply responds to that Tweet from about 6 weeks ago, "Now I know..." I sure hope he's not referencing the opening line of the song. As much as I think all conclusions pretty much lead to him being the problem, I worry for the guy, and like the rest of you, hope the best for him (and his friends and family) on a personal level. And of course on a musical level, one day we dream he does get right with himself, and Jake and Elwood put the band back together like the universe meant for it to be. https://imgur.com/a/RfXIrY8
  6. Why not? I never understand why news like this has to be a secret. I understand if someone involved is a minor, but why is Yellowcard's drummer such a dick and they wanted him out of the band? "No, you can't know that, it's a secret." Alright, whatever. Yeah, I kinda went off the rail there, but you get what I mean. But let's not talk about it. Anyways, who knows what's true, and what isn't. I've read some things about the band discussing what they were going to do when Keith took time off for mental health, and his interpreting that as they were trying to replace him. I don't have time to figure out how to copy and paste, but go look at Andy's explanation/post on Instagram. It seems pretty telling. (And he also clarifies they do not have, nor ever did have, a desire to continue as a band with a different singer.) Another thing that's been talked about, take it for what you will, is band members Keith and Angie Ono's interview with Revolver, which was released the day shit originally hit the fan a month ago. I plowed through the whole thing, but the main highlights are around the 33 minute mark, up through 40 minutes, roughly. He, in a very bizarre way, explains that something fishy is going on, on tour with the boys. Angie will let you know all about it. And Keith will then explain how you have to completely give yourself to someone, and see what they do with it. One night on the recent tour, they went live on Twitch from the hotel room post-show. I thought it might be something fun and interesting, and all it was, was them talking on the bed. I don't even remember what they were talking about. Bowling, or something. But it had the weirdest, most uncomfortable vibe, I questioned why they were streaming it and I had to turn it off.
  7. Yeah, well you're still on the internet, in/on message boards, pertaining to Snoop Doggy Dogg: Doggystyle. Which is far more geeky than actually listening to the legendary Doggystyle album. You're not as self-aware as you think. You're more sounding like you have an inflated sense of self-importance. Just a guess. And it's good and well that it didn't hold up for you. Now that you're so grown up that you don't have time for nostalgia (but plenty of time for internet message boards). But, you're the one chiming in about it. Popping your head in on the conversation, just to announce that you don't have time for it. Unless you're one of those...what do you call those people who go online just to ruffle feathers and pick fights. Oh yeah. Dork.
  8. No word. Evidently delayed, as everything else on the planet is, at the moment? The box sets sold on the band website were supposed to all be some kind of blue, if I recall correctly. I wonder if these posted for sale on Bullmoose will be the same, or something else. On one hand, an extra $50 for the same set...uffda. On the other hand, I don't really mind paying a bit more & supporting the band, buying direct. But if they're different, standard black or something, that'd be more justifiable, anyways.
  9. They have to work it out. If this is Planet Shit with Every Time I Die, dear God, I don't want to imagine what it is without them...cause it's worse.
  10. Just getting around to giving Radical a listen. After a spin, I got to say it gave a strong first impression. I never trust a first listen, as often it's inaccurate. I didn't hate Hot Damn! the first time I heard it necessarily [back in 2003/04], but only because of a couple of my friend's persistence did I continue to listen. It wasn't until probably the 10th chance I gave it, and probably reading through the lyrics, did it really hit home as one of the greatest albums I'd ever heard & ascended to one of my favorites. While some other albums, not necessarily of ETID but whoever, I love at first, but they don't have staying power. But Radical has some strong potential to stand out in the ETID catalog. A few parts left me wondering if Radical is Every Time I Die's White Album. Experimental, and just plain weird. In the best way possible. They executed it well. Makes me wish I'd made it to Tid The Season to dance to a few of these. Plus they played one of my favorites The Sweet Life. Ugh... Anyways, I had an idea, that may be good or bad, but the variant I was spinning was Banquet Records' translucent neon magenta. It was tough to pick a variant, as the album cover is so colorful and a lot of great choices. I like what I have, but also like the idea of the translucent neon green [which was a EU/UK Kings Road exclusive, I believe]. I wanted to ask if anybody who got a copy of that, would want to trade their C/D for mine? If anybody else might like the idea of mixing it up and having both green and magenta. I do know the opaque lime greens seem to be available, but was hoping for that translucent to match up. Just an idea!
  11. Damn... I've observed some things I've questioned over the past year or so, but not being close to the situation, what do I know. I'm just another asshole with another opinion, or rather with ideas about something I know next to nothing about, so I won't get too into it. But here's to hope and the redemption of the greatest live band of our era. Interesting to hear, richardp... I like to think it's just a little brotherly love taken out of context. From what I gathered, some of the rest of the band still likes to party? Playing devil's advocate, wanting the situation to be as innocent as possible, I was picturing Jordan having drinks, and talking shit about his brother. In a loving way. I always reference the South Park boys. They're best friends, and rip on each other. Me and my buddies do all the time, daily. I have no idea if their relationship is anything like that, but I'm picturing after a couple bowls of loudmouth soup, Jordan's talking about Keith, and replacing him. Or even sober, but in an unserious fashion. But Keith doesn't interpret it that way. I mean unless it was a serious conversation that was overheard, and it's actually true? I just can't picture it... Really, the boys trying to kick Keith Buckley out of Every Time I Die...? Seems like a stretch, but again...not close to anybody or the situation at all, what do I know.