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  1. I was wondering if the webstore variant actually is black? It doesn't state, and you can't really tell? Also, gonna hold off listening to any of these songs until the release. Please no Linkin Park... Despite being an "old school" fan, I've refrained from complaining about the evolution & embraced the ride, and enjoyed most of it. Amo more so than That's The Spirit. Why not? Bands that keep their sound the same, 50% of the fan base will complain, and bands who experiment with new sounds the other 50% will complain. So who cares. I just hope that musicians make something they themselves can enjoy so they can have fun playing live shows. Makes the experience a lot better. All of it. I enjoyed the [although clearly radio friendly-vibes] unique direction of Amo, but trying to use a Linkin Park blueprint, come on, brothas. How desperate are they to have that radio hit? Keep coming up with your own sound, Horizon. Ya'll were doing just fine. Initial thoughts anyways. As I stated, I haven't heard anything yet.
  2. Oddly, a few of my personal favorite bands fall into this narrative.
  3. Meridional! Rumor has it for Black Friday RSD they'll be releasing a whopping 2,500 more of this bad boy (turquoise marble). I also saw that 3,400 were being pressed, but I'm not sure which is accurate. Either way, plenty are on the way for those who missed out.
  4. Interesting. I've certainly heard mixed opinions on the idea. I'm wondering if those opposed (some strongly) aren't typical concert goers to begin with? I don't love the idea either, believe me. But I'm getting my fix when and where I can get it. Seeing the boys live again will be both a sigh of relief, but also torture and a reminder of this horrific show-less scenario we've been in since March, in a car filled, spaced out environment. But, also, at least I won't be confined to my couch with 4 walls around me with a stream that lags. [Sadly I'm in a shitty area that doesn't have the best internet available] Also, what about the Boy Crazy lyrics didn't age well?
  5. Are any forum members interested in the drive-in show they're doing in Chicago October 30th? Being stuck near your car and not with each other in a big sweaty pile of party rock isn't nearly as cool, but I'll take what I can get at this point. At least for now.
  6. I haven't listened to this EP all that much, surprisingly. I'll be happy to give it some attention.
  7. I just listened to this album front to back about 2 weeks ago. I didn’t forget how good it was, but I was reminded anyways.
  8. Is there anybody besides me that has loved this album? I saw an earlier post that said it sounds like a bunch of B-sides. I agree! NFG is the king of B-sides how many of us are familiar with So Many Ways, Radio Adelaide, Whiskey Rose, Over Me, Make It Right, I'm The Fool, just to name a few. I swear I could pinpoint a past era from which each song from Forever & To Infinity is from, but some of these songs are their catchiest. I'm just gonna call out Trophy (amongst abouts half this album) as one of my favorites since Summer Fling on Radiosurgery I will never get how that didn't catch on as one of their best songs. To each their own, right? But anyways, this is a super fun album, I can imagine about all of these tracks translating beautifully live.
  9. Got to say, this has nothing to do with the vinyl pressing as I only ordered the CD & got a digital download, but fishing on the river I got a chance to listen to the download through a bluetooth speaker and upon first listen.....I love this album. Fucking superb job by PTH, don't see what the complaining is all about but give me another couple listens...
  10. https://sharptonerecords.co/products/currents-the-place-i-feel-safest-red-with-black-splatter-vinyl?_pos=15&_sid=183583962&_ss=r Sharptone's shop has a repress of The Place I Feel Safest on red with black splatter. Ordered mine a couple days ago & it says it shipped already. Shipping prices aint nothin' nice...
  11. I got my Use Me CD in the mail yesterday.
  12. Good lookin' out! During their live album stream/listening party of the new album last week, Sharptone mentioned repressing TPIFS. I'm surprised this wasn't announced as being available. I would wager a couple other variants will be coming. How's everybody liking The Way It Ends?
  13. The band I love to hate, and hate to like. There are many reasons not to listen to Emmure. When I say I don't let personal politics of band members interfere with my flavor of music, I'm speaking of Emmure. There were some good tunes back when on Goodbye and The Respect Issue, Felony was just plain bad, but come on, they redeemed themselves with Speaker Of The Dead, their best album. And each album after that had some good, heavy tracks. Obviously if you're looking for anything with substance, or any kind of deep meaning (or any meaning at all), Emmure is not your band. But they got some fun bangers, if you can prevent yourself from hating the singer, which, is this band's selling point. They (he) got nothing else to offer so they admittedly resort to the lowest common denominator of trying to make you hate them. But they got Joshua Travis anyways, and he fucking rules. I would take a Glass Cloud reunion over another Emmure album any day.
  14. Hellz yeah, I was able to get that buddy from the U.K. to snag it for me. Good lookin' out!