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  1. Plus the NFG Christmas show had some glorious moments. Their Home Alone skit had me lmao. And anybody who missed Every Time I Die's Christmas "Telethon"...my God...if those guys ever want to, they can get a gig writing comedy, I swear. So funny and so good. Those types of shows I wouldn't mind being here to stay. Just side entertainment streams. But yeah, the live show thing. I'll still keep buying tickets in hopes to keep all these bands afloat & just keep hoping live music returns sooner than later.
  2. Fucking great looking out, man! Appreciate this post. Hell, I appreciated just the fact that someone posted Within The Ruins, I was going to chime in just to say that. Been a fan every since way back when Creature was new. Just some shinfo, but they have a new singer on this album. If anyone else has been a fan for a while or seen them live, any opinion on Steve? I think he's filled in great, and is a perfect fit for the band. I haven't listened to this new one much yet, but gotdamn do they have the best instrumentals. Eighty Sixed and the 5th install of Ataxia are both killer
  3. I miss this band. I was lucky enough to catch them live in Dallas, jeez was that (approximately) one year ago? Or two now. Either way, I miss them, and miss live shows. Their stream was great, but these streams are starting to lose their luster. Not that live streams were ever supposed to be a replacement for a live experience... And this is not specific to TSL's stream, just in general. Getting sick of sitting on the couch to watch shows... Soz, end short rant, before it becomes a long rant. The Direction stream sounded excellent and I can't wait for the next two.
  4. Certainly hoping so! I kind of slept on that press, figuring 1,000 would last longer than it did, and due to them saying they'd press more based on demand. I would think selling out within an hour or whatever it was, qualifies as such?
  5. Also been investigating this. Unless I'm missing something, I've seen $15.99 for CD, and $53.99 vinyl are the best prices. A few places. Lord help me for endorsing anything corporate, but with a Target card you can get 5% off that price there.
  6. Great first post. I like it. I like this entire conversation. I love how greatly the specific album opinions vary yet we all agree strongly that ETID fucking rules. I need to learn Last Night In Town... I know Crocodiles a bit, but the rest, I do not. I got on the bandwagon circa 03, and it's not often I go back in time and learn earlier work of a band. I do, don't get me wrong, there are a couple exceptions. But from when I jump on board or discover and on, is what I know best. And honestly, I think I need to learn Ex Lives as well, as I also agree it's been my least favorite.
  7. Ugh, you guys are killin' me! Jk, my brothas. But I swear, at least spin Hot Damn! 10-20 more times and you'll see the light. Read through the lyric book as you listen. It's a hardcore/metalcore/metal, whatever the hell this genre is, masterpiece. I too, am over livestreams. I was the minute they started being the only option. I'll still buy & watch every one that a band I follow puts on though, to support these cats during the Great Corona Depression. But sitting on the couch during my favorite bands' performances...blegh. This sounds as if it'll be something a little bit di
  8. Starting with Ex Lives? Where were you before then? Didn't they, or someone, state in an interview that they had no plans to drop the album until touring resumes? Either way I hope to see each and every one of you there when it does. That Tid The Christmas 2019 night 1 was one of my favorite shows I've ever been to. I'd never been to Buffalo, NY before. They had complementary ice skating, amongst all kinds of other activities. A laundry list of dope openers. Pizza. The anticipation of a sold-out 6,000 capacity room waiting for the headliners to come on while a burning
  9. New estimated delivery date: Monday, December 14, 2020 - Sunday, January 17, 2021
  10. lol Sorry...I meant that as sarcasm, since that's what Brotha Lynch was calling them.
  11. I haven't caught on with a whole lot of anything released post-Common Courtesy. The song Paranoia was kinda fun. But, I'll purchase for the same reasons, heavily influenced by how good of a live band they are.
  12. They posted a short snippet of Brick Wall on twitter earlier today, and looks like was since deleted.
  13. Yes! Great point. When she would play $uicideboy$ I would explain this to her, and she had no clue who they were. So I played her some 3-6, and she was stunned, saying wow...you're right. Their discrepancies do seem weird and inconsistent, also agree on that. I wonder if initially he did give them general/verbal permission, but once they blew up way bigger than anyone anticipated, he wanted a piece of the pie since there now was an actual pie to be had a piece from, so he changed his stance? Who knows. We'll never know but will hear bias comments from both sides, I'm sure. Nothing woul
  14. That's his second time coming back to indulge in the fun. They also brought him back for the ABR 15 year anniversary show in Lancaster, I think two years ago, now.
  15. For the sake of conversation, I'll say I grew up in the 3-6 era, but only indulged mildly. Surely liked what I'd heard, but was distracted with everything West Coast. G-Funk was/is my flavor, everything else took a back seat. Seeing a gal a bit younger than me who is into the next (today's) generation rappers who were influenced heavily by 3-6 inspired me to go back and visit much of their catalog that I hadn't yet. I still have a bit to go as it's quite vast, but it's all so good. I said on another thread and will reiterate here, that Where's Da Bud is one of the most underrated weed son

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