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  1. 15 Pieces of Flaire and Snicklefritz were recorded during the Youngbloods sessions and left off the album. If i was a betting man i would be throwing down cash on a Deluxe Re-Issue of Youngbloods UNFD can press it without Roadrunner as it was Boomtown Even better would be a Boomtown/UNFD era Box Set. 15 and Snicklefritz along with the high hopes songs are easily my favourite Amity releases so im heaps keen for whats currently being released
  2. Glory Days is being pressed which i rad. The songs from High Hopes are worthy of a release alone. UNFD have just posted and then took down these pictures. One will be a Vinyl Club Pressing /100
  3. Mine arrived today....yet to listen....a little apprehensive tbh hahaha Standard Blackened packaging.....really nice but they could have done something other than the Blue/Black Marble thing thats similar to the HWTSD pressings. Will report back with how good/bad it all is hahaha
  4. I saw them with KSE and Thy Art in Melbourne and it was fucking insane. The New Tracks work so well live and it was easily the most enjoyable gig ive been to in a long time.......they have the live show Dialled and its a sick experience
  5. Such a good album....that first half is fucking fantastic
  6. I believe mine has shipped.....should be cool wont be for everyone obviously but something different and for a good cause
  7. piky0032

    Northlane - MESMER - OUT NOW

    Man i buckled and sold most of my stuff off. Mesmer ended up being a let down for me massively and doesnt excite me at all. Down to keeping some Discoveries and Singularity pressings but this album can go in the bin. Hopefully album 5 will be better
  8. Still need to pick this up.......That Ultra clear is looking good but shipping to Australia will not hahhahah
  9. Allegedly there will be an Aus distro as well......at the moment its waaaaay to much for me but maybe a cheaper alternative will come along with the Aus distro
  10. Just always seemed sketch. The Poison The Well release wasnt the best hahaha i guess im allowed to like and dislike a label if i want......but as i said.....they have won me over somewhat with the last release so hopefully this one continues that
  11. are you backbite? can you Unblock me from facebook?
  12. thought people might want to buy them........i could vent more about how i think Backbite are shit but i got around to spinning Daybreaker and its actually pretty good. Winning me over one release at a time.
  13. Magenta/100 - Sold Out Test Press/25 - Sold Out Smokey Sun/400 - Still Available Test Presses and Magenta were more expensive. Id imagine they didnt sell all the Magenta and are staggering the drop like previous releases