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  1. Keen for that Flightless Variant.......Great live act
  2. JB Hifi Variant Wattle Variant Hot Sauce hahaha 119/200 I fuckin love this album. Trying keep up the variant collection but Fat is making it hard. Makes it a challenge haha
  3. seen a couple on insta and facey of the GITD variant. Here's hoping but itll be hard to snag one id imagine Discogs or Ebay for me
  4. These should be in hand this week as well as Youngbloods repress they also have a 7" being pressed for the upgrades for the Aus tour
  5. Saw them last night. They played a bunch of new stuff that sounds fuckin good live. Keen for the album
  6. Recently...... Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals - Live from Mars 4LP For ages i was seeing it for $30-40 for ages so left it.....really wanted to pick it up recently and its scarce and expensive
  7. @papermonsters that muska is rad.....i grabbed the red one. Havnt posted in a while. Picked up 2 Caparisons last year.... JSM Dellinger and a FX-AM horus they are insanly well built. ditched the orange cab....wasnt getting used and sticking with the Mesa Single Rec Caparison Horus FX-AM Caparison JSM Dellinger 1974 Ibanez Les Paul Gold Top ESP Eclipse CTM-1 FT SW Mid 70s Takamine Acoustic LTD Ec401vb Neck through LTD Kh202 LTD ex50
  8. Yes.....i havnt seen them in a bit but last time they had Dan only on guitar with backing tracks for the second and it sounded lame
  9. Unless you have a plethora of Cat Gifs then this may not be the Hobby for you
  10. 15 Pieces of Flaire and Snicklefritz were recorded during the Youngbloods sessions and left off the album. If i was a betting man i would be throwing down cash on a Deluxe Re-Issue of Youngbloods UNFD can press it without Roadrunner as it was Boomtown Even better would be a Boomtown/UNFD era Box Set. 15 and Snicklefritz along with the high hopes songs are easily my favourite Amity releases so im heaps keen for whats currently being released