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  1. itll be 100% online and on streaming services with the rest of the catalogue being made available also. my thought/tip
  2. Never had/heard an issue with Jesse live....Saw Howard a couple of times as well and have never seen either do a shit job.......I hope the rest of the album is a little more exciting tbh....this Jesse era has fallen short on my expectations
  3. i think i have a spare Aussie Tour press......shoot me a message
  4. Im going to wait for another single or a cheap release......that new single is boring
  5. Looks cool. I managed to have a friend grab both the tour FD and this for me. Its getting silly keeping up with these pressings though
  6. White Complicit /500 At the shows....as well as the Green Tour FD
  7. Debut album from Melbournes Gravemind. First single Volgin is epic. These guys keep getting better and better. Have a couple ot EPs under their belt as well which are ripper. They signed to Greyscale and have pre orders up. https://artistfirst.com.au/collections/greyscale-records
  8. This album is rad. Cant wait to see em again next month.
  9. $60aud total for 2 to Australia.....gotta take a punt and keep the dream alive!!!
  10. Got shipping notification on my NOFX 7iotmc 1st delivery. Keen as
  11. $60aud or $70 with a download......that can get in the bin waiting out for Amazon