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  1. I ordered this from Fatbeats in September and never received it. They also don't respond to e-mails. Anyone else order this from them?
  2. Guess I didn't think of that. They're a part of VC history though so maybe they'll let it slide!
  3. Anyone interested in this at all?! Maybe $5 plus shipping?
  4. Nice! If anyone wants some Ohio beers let me know! Always down to try new IPA's...especially if you live in CA, VT, MA, NY!
  5. I have some 3 floyds man! Has there ever been beer trading on this forum?
  6. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but it's probably my most damaged record I've received in the mail. Definitely bummed about that.
  7. I picked up the Sorority Noise and Narrow/Arrow records and they sound a lot better than I expected. I'm impressed. I can see spending lots of money on these.
  8. Pre-order on Asian Man This is a one time pressing of 1,000(500 on red/500 on black) This is a brand new unreleased track from OWEN recorded specifically for this project. This is also the first new recording from Colossal in over 10 years. Pre-orders will ship first week of September.
  9. Sorry guys. Way more messages than I was expecting. Still wading through them. I responded more to the offers first.
  10. Help me get a vacation! https://deadformat.net/collection/Justinfastbreak
  11. I'll trade you a Cinemaggedon invite for something else if you still need it.
  12. Gotcha. I actually noticed that when i re-read the pages right after posting it. Was hoping to delete it before anyone one saw it. Thanks though!
  13. I'll be some 28 year old at the show so you can feel good about that!
  14. Definitely helps me relax and not overpay. I don't care about the color/ numbers I just want to hear it.
  15. Went to My Mind's Eye. Got in Line around 11 hoping to get Braid, Owen, Their/They're/There and left with nothing. What can ya do?
  16. I have a tour copy that's skipping which sucks but atleast I have a copy of the tape.
  17. I ordered from Make Out Party records on like December 26th and have yet to receive anything. They never replied to my e-mail as well. Be cautious.
  18. I'm from about 35 minutes west of Cleveland. Speaking of record stores...I really miss Chris' Warped Records.
  19. No real order. Phantasm Sleepaway Camp Return of the Living Dead Re-Animator The Lost Boys The Prowler Halloween Nightmare on Elm St. Night of the Creeps Fright Night Also, Looks like Phantasm II is coming out on blu-ray soon. Definitely a weird sequel and where's the original in hi-def?
  20. Phantasm is probably my favorite horror movie ever so I really need to check out John Dies at the End. I'm not pumped about the Maniac remake, though.

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