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  1. Hey man' you actually reside in the Mt? Small world. 

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    2. Eatmyshorts


      Can't wait for Stella Spaiente, the old stuff rules too (Death by television, backchannel..) You surf at all? Good run of swell lately eh

    3. snowynz


      Yea got out a couple times last week, theres been some fun days between all the wind aye

    4. Eatmyshorts


      Few fun days on the coast in the evening, blow holes been fun just that nasty crowd factor eh. 

  2. ...Been awhile, some significant changes to the website I see. Rad. 

  3. Eatmyshorts

    Lillingtons 6xLP Boxset

    Amazing - Thanks man! Hey - Any one out there have any info on Zachary Rawhouser ? He obviously was a big part of the lillingtons, but have never found any info on the guy....
  4. Eatmyshorts

    Lillingtons 6xLP Boxset

    Still coming to terms with how good this boxset is, cannot wait for arrival of a big ole international box sometime soon - and TBR next? Cant stress how rad this week has been.
  5. Eatmyshorts

    Lillingtons 6xLP Boxset

    Thanks for the heads up - 16RPM was kind enough to help me out, seriously stoked beyond belief - Cannot thank them enough! I will post up a pic of the tattoo this afternoon (its early here in NZ). I am used to paying the shipping prices for international parcels, our exchange rate is terrible too, but hey - some items are priceless right?! I like to think so anyway...Cheers!
  6. Eatmyshorts

    Lillingtons 6xLP Boxset

    Yes...I signed up (Finally) due to ONLY just hearing of this box set news, took awhile to find out here down in New Zealand, gutted to have missed out to say the least....The only record missing in my collection is Death by Television, hell, I even have a massive death by television tattoo and I still can get any luck with getting one at a reasonable price. Ah well, if anyone has an old copy they wanna sell me I will pay good money, I had to ask...Thanks regardless everyone.