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  1. Disappointed. Can't stand autotune so no purchase from me. Even the little bit on Boo is unlistenable IMO.
  2. Awesome! Love this album. Might have to pick up the stand-alone vinyl remaster. And download the other deluxe discs. I wonder if the vinyl booklet will come with the stand-alone LP? Might have to get the deluxe package if not.
  3. Marantz 6300 TT Yamaha KX-W592 Tape Deck Yaqin MS23B Tube Preamp Sansui QRX-5500 Receiver Sansui SP-3500 and EPI 180 speakers Sounds great to my ears but I'm not an audiophile. I also use Roon / Tidal / Schiit DAC to stream my digital library to a Chi-fi tube buffer before going into the Sansui receiver.
  4. Snagged one of each variant. My OG press wasn't handled very well by me and is pretty crackly. Still pissed I missed out on the 3xLP.
  5. Might have to pick this up except I'm not too excited about those dumb remixes tacked on. At least I can take it off after side 3.
  6. Two fairly dope songs/verses from DOOM, and the features are especially dope. The beats are a little boring for Muggs, but at least he's back to hip hop and sampling. His last project with Meyhem was really good. Would love to have gotten something a little more upbeat/uptempo for DOOM to flow on, he sounds a little weird rapping so slow. Either way I drunk ordered one of the $50 singles, damn it. Might have to flip it, or wait until all artists pass on, granted I make it past them, and make a killing.
  7. Didn't see anything about the grading/shape of Winks And Kisses. Is it new?
  8. Very surprised there isn't more discussion on this here. Received my clear vinyl early this week and it's a very noisy pressing. To the point of being annoying, especially when cranked up loud. Going to see about a replacement. Oh, great release in an already incredible discography!
  9. Eno didn't do the album production, engineering, or mixing, he just helped them write a couple songs and performed on them.
  10. Fruitless Research is dope af, by far my favorite from him. I hope I like this album... he's a bit hit or miss for me.
  11. Wow, I had no idea this was announced til now. Blind Melon is one of my favorite bands! Both albums are absolutely incredible IMO. Each one has its own sound and I love them both. I had the first one on cassette when it came out and played it to death. Bought the 2nd one on CD and vinyl on release day. I only had a chance to listen to the vinyl a few times before I somehow lost it in a move. Still wonder how it happened to this day, so I'm super stoked to see it's been reissued. Is there any difference between the colored and black besides the obvious coloring ie packaging, etc? And for some reason I can't remember the insert of the original pressing..... does the reissue have the same insert? Is it a lyric sheet?
  12. Since it sold so well I wonder if they plan on repressing it at all, in any color? At least it's still available directly from SULK. Although I can't seem to find any pressing info. Black?