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  1. I'm not really buying into the praise either because they're saying "best album since Plans". Is that like a total disregard for Narrow Stairs? I think Plans may have better singles, but Narrow Stairs is one hell of an album all the way through. Excited to listen to this tho... waiting for the hard copy first
  2. I really don't have an explanation for this, but I listen to the +44 album a lot and I always start it at track 4. I rarely listen to that album otherwise...
  3. You're right, the record itself is better quality because it is heavier and less likely to warp and stuff like that. The actual sound quality probably depends... but like I said, I own two copies of my favorite albums and I notice a big difference in sound quality. Especially on my blink albums (dude ranch, TYPAJ, and enema) and my B&C album (separation) compared to the lighter weight colored versions. The tri-color TYPAJ sounds like poo compared to the 180g black.. just my 2 cents
  4. I just don't get the logic here. 180g black is the best sounding quality of all vinyl, so if you actually like listening to records on a decent turntable, 180g black is an absolute must. Go buy Dude Ranch on 180g black and I swear it will sound like you're listening to a different album, because the quality is THAT much better. I'm not a variant collector, but for my favorite albums, I'll hang the best color variant on my wall and jam to the 180g black.
  5. What I meant was B&C at the time tweeted that the 2nd press was better and it in fact was not (at least in many cases). This led me to believe NSR lied to the band about it directly before lying to the public. For what it's worth I had the pink/red haze 2nd press and it was just as bad as both my first presses. Even if some 2nd presses were better, it still doesn't take away from the fact the records are paper thin. They are just doomed to have shitty sound quality. They need to just make a 180g black variant just like they did for Separation.
  6. They did NOT fix it on the second press. I bought it and it was just as bad as the first press. I have not bought one thing from No Sleep since then.. They are scammers and I hope B&C moves to a new label after this, because I believe they have been lied to as well. I will buy the 3rd press if someone comes back with some positive feedback.. ONLY because I just want to listen to this album still on vinyl! It will be tough purchasing from NSR again.... The first 2 presses were so flimsy, some of the flimsiest records I have ever bought, and probably hence why the quality was so painfully bad. If you shake them a little with both hands, it sounds like a cheap poster board you would use in elementary school. pathetic.. .
  7. alright fuck it. I'll just spend an arm and leg on itunes lol. I normally buy vinyl records and get download cards but this is for music that isn't on vinyl
  8. I don't get what the big deal is? you need an invite or go through an interview. The site is pretty well-known so the whole thing about the word getting out there isn't an issue. If someone has an invite, why does it matter who it goes to? especially since I am trying to seed properly and have a good ratio.
  9. What did you do to get it to seed properly? I always left my computer on for music to seed while I went to work and nothing would seed that well. It's been awhile since then though so I'd like to try again and do it better this time around. I wish I could just donate to get it back like I do with another site for television shows
  10. you can't get banned if you;re not even a member yet lol. just looking for an invite and willing to pay for it
  11. I'm looking for an invite to What.CD If you have an invite to give away, let's work out a deal
  12. yeah there are only 2 it appears... but one was being duplicated in my feed to make 3 IDK why
  13. well your friends are really fucking good... I hope you actually like their music!
  14. It's not that I don't like his voice.. it just seems like he uses the same melody in all of his choruses. I don't see progression in that... and I don't see it in the overall song either.. because the tones and song structure were just like TIHTWS. I get that some people appreciate them staying the same, but it just gets old to me even though I once liked it. I agree though that his screaming has gotten much better and he performs very well live singing and screaming (which I assume is incredibly difficult to do back and forth the way he does) But now that I think of it.. I've never really liked a full album of theirs.. it's always like 2/3's of each album. I can't say that about any other band.. I normally like the album as a whole or not at all

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