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  1. Isn't this the first time they're being released on vinyl?
  2. I'm really keen to hear and know what those "image albums" sound like. When the previous Studio Ghibli albums got released last year, I just bought the original soundtrack version of each. I really like the album cover and artwork for these image albums. Is there anywhere I can hear these in full to see if they're worth the purchase before plunking down another $100? I'm wondering if the Valley of the wind and castle in the sky image albums are worth it too.
  3. I wonder what time it goes up tomorrow on the USA/NA site https://www.rightstufanime.com/category/Vinyl
  4. Anyone get their copy of the wolf in and the hole in the vinyl is too small and get their record stuck? Trying to figure out how to fix this...
  5. No idea, sounds like something special for Japan and the Fuji Rock show. They even re-released their first two albums with a bonus track on each. Sounds kind of exclusive, reading from the article.
  6. Order here: https://www.beatink.com/products/detail.php?product_id=10294 I found if you register first, it's easier to order after, as when I tried to check out as guest it didn't accept my address, but it did when I registered no problem. Bit pricey to ship to the states. Comes to $46 and some change. Pretty good compilation of their early EP's and tracks though. Cool cover with the OBI strip too.
  7. I've had two stores cancel this on me. Really hoping there will be an actual repress. Or yet another store releases a few more copies, though I wouldn't hold my breath.
  8. Yeah, unfortunately they're not coming to my state, so if I could buy the record just out right, I'd love to. Have to keep checking back here.
  9. Posting for the star and hopefully I won't miss out on the next variant : /
  10. I'd love to pick up both Bae 1 and Bae 2 if anyone's going to one of his shows and is able to pick up a copy that I can paypal/venmo you for, plus shipping of course.
  11. Trying to see if I can return my unopened copy to merchtable, but have not received a response from them since I emailed them on Friday...
  12. Damn, I think this sold out if anyone has a link to where I can still get a copy, not at discogs prices, let me know.
  13. I have to work on Black Friday. If anyone is able to find and pickup Babymetal's "Distortion" 12" I'll gladly paypal/venmo you immediately and cover the shipping of course.
  14. Does anyone expect this to be any cheaper anywhere that’s what available on bullmoose? I’d like to get it but on a budget.
  15. I just got confirmation that buyee successfully purchased my order.
  16. Real bummed I missed this Here's hoping more come through, like on amazon.co.jp or even an HMV/Cdjapan restock
  17. Good to finally see this being repressed, been after this ETID record for years, without paying $60+ for it. This is the last record I'll need other than LNIT to complete my ETID collection. Pumped!
  18. I peeped that link where you can listen to the remastered version of Dyers Eve, and compared them both on spotify, but I actually prefer the current/old mixed version. The new one sounds real compressed to me, and the low end cranked a little. (Not so that you could hear the actual bass guitar though lol).
  19. I received the green copy and the sound is pretty shrill and distorted. Can anyone confirm that their green (or yellow) copy is the same?
  20. Might just be me, but it sounds a little shrill/grainy :/. Hope it’s not my needle or anything. I noticed a few other records sounding meh and I got the dust off the needle but overall it sounds a little grainy, high treble imo.

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