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  1. On 1/9/2020 at 12:05 PM, ghost said:

    Kiki's Delivery Service & Porco Rosso

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    Pre-orders for Kiki's Delivery Service and Porco Rosso are starting to pop up. Set to release on March 11th. Similar drill as last time with their being 2 different versions of each soundtrack, 1) Original movie score 2) Image album. They're about $50 a pop after shipping on most sites:



    https://www.bullmoose.com/search?q=joe hisaishi&so=0&page=1


    Keep your eyes peeled for Amazon.co.jp as well.  They don't have any direct pre-orders up but the listings exist. This might end up being the cheapest place to buy any of these.



    Kiki's Delivery Service: 


    Porco Rosso: 

    I'm really keen to hear and know what those "image albums" sound like. When the previous Studio Ghibli albums got released last year, I just bought the original soundtrack version of each. I really like the album cover and artwork for these image albums. Is there anywhere I can hear these in full to see if they're worth the purchase before plunking down another $100? I'm wondering if the Valley of the wind and castle in the sky image albums are worth it too.

  2. Order here: https://www.beatink.com/products/detail.php?product_id=10294

    I found if you register first, it's easier to order after, as when I tried to check out as guest it didn't accept my address, but it did when I registered no problem. Bit pricey to ship to the states. Comes to $46 and some change. Pretty good compilation of their early EP's and tracks though. Cool cover with the OBI strip too.