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  1. Message me if you have it, very interested in purchasing asap.
  2. Looking to buy Makeout Videotape's cassette Ying Yang, pm if you have it.
  3. http://www.shopradiocast.com/products/Explosions-In-The-Sky-%26-David-Wingo-%252d-Prince-Avalanche%3A-An-Original-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack-LP.html Preorder?
  4. looking to buy this in any condition, used, not used, not looking to pay anywhere near half $1,000 for it. message me if you have it and we can work it out through pm.
  5. Ty segall boxset with a flag or something of cloth in it. Maybe a patch. Thee oh sees album with fake tattoos inside. Or a live boxset of either.
  6. Im aware I'm new here, but we need to stop the flipping of RSD titles in the sell thread. Maybe a post limit to access the sale/trade thread so it reduces scamming and flippers. Just a thought don't take me seriously.
  7. My record store 5 of these with the postcards, if you need one let me know I guess.