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  1. Sign up for and learn how to ues USENET. I pay 8.99 a month for 10GB of transfers through giganews, which gets me any and all television programs cable would have me watching. I also get the occasional movie through it. It's where all the torrent releases really originate. You'll need to get an account on an nzb index site, as well. Something like nzbmatrix.
  2. I've got one of those bento deals, the thermal one. It's good if you adapt your meals to it and use it correctly. You can get a good sized lunch in one, too. and it stays pretty warm in the container if you put the warm stuff in the bottom containers. I usually have some soup in the bottom, a rice or pasta entree(without tomatoes, so they don't get stained) in the next and some fruit or chex or a bagel from the upper containers.
  3. Used it about 15 years ago to scour FTP sites for mp3s and then back when they had their software. I remember it being better than napster and its interface being very cool.
  4. I downloaded the first episode with the new doctor that replaced Tennant and, I must say, he was better than I thought he would be at first. The teaser for the rest of the season has me really stoked about the rest of the episodes, as well. The new theme music sucks ass, though. I found a torrent on demonoid with most of the episodes available up to three years ago. 200GB of the doctor! I'm going to need a newer, larger hard drive sooner than I hoped.
  5. I love this movie! It looks like you can get it off demonoid if you're really looking for a way to see it.
  6. Gentoo linux + this: have kept my computer running beautifully over the years. My AMD Athlon 1800+ still runs like a champ, even though that processor is probably seven years old. I'm considering building a new quadcore rig and running Windows in a VM so I can play games again.
  7. Pretty much everything by Harley Poe is about zombies. I Could Always Eat Your Brain is my favorite.
  8. I hope Erik tours again this summer and he makes it to Wisconsin.
  9. I've kept the default background for the netbook OS since I might go to something else one of these days when I get bored.
  10. Holy fuck! I'd probably shit my pants if I saw them play One Last Cigarette live!
  11. The OP better jump on this! I've got a buddy that's been plotting my demise for years to score my copy of the Jabberjaw 7" on red vinyl.