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  1. Trying to clear out a few records and raise some money for recording/merch/other band related stuff. All prices include shipping, I have tons of mailers ready to go and the post office picks up from my office everyday. 10” Pentimento - Inside The Sea 10" EP | 1st Pressing | Black /100 - $14ppd 7” Against Me! - True Trans | 1st Pressing | Black $8ppd 12” Bad Books - II | 1st Pressing | Clear $16ppd Balance and Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing | 1st Pressing | Opaque Yellow /4000 $16ppd Ceremony - Still Nothing Moves You | 2nd Pressing | White /1500 $14ppd Childish Gambino - Camp 2xLP | Black $30ppd Cold War Kids - Dear Miss Lonelyhearts | 1st Pressing | Black #274/500 (Hand-Numbered) $24ppd End Of A Year - You Are Beneath Me | 1st Pressing | Magenta /1000 $14ppd Every Time I Die - Ex Lives | Black $16ppd KOJI - Crooked In My Mind (Pink w/ White Marble /300) $16ppd Pentimento - Pentimento | First Pressing | (Clear Gold /300) $16ppd Sainthood Reps - Headswell | 1st Pressing | Clear Cream /300 $16ppd Self Defense Family - The Corrections Officer In Me | 1st Pressing | Transparent Red /500 $16ppd Some Stranger - S/T (Clear w/ Black /300) $12ppd Tancred - Tancred | 1st Pressing | Lavender /150 $16ppd SOLD: Converge - Live at the BBC | 1st Pressing | Transparent Green | /5304 $8ppd Tigers Jaw // The World Is A Beautiful Place... // Code Orange Kids // Self Defense Family - 4 Way Split 7" | 1st Pressing | Clear Gold w/ Red Smoke /1500 $10ppd Title Fight // Touche Amore - Covers Split 7" | 1st Pressing | Red /1000 $10ppd Touche Amore - Live On BBC Radio 1 | 1st Pressing | Transparent Blue /1500 $10ppd Devil Wears Prada, The - Dead Throne | 1st Pressing | Black/Clear w/ Green/White Splatter $16ppd The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Whenever, If Ever (Clear w/Green Smoke /1000) $20ppd Their / They're / There - Self-Titled EP (Record Store Day 2013 Release) (Clear Seafoam /1000) $16ppd Young And In The Way - When Life Comes To Death | 1st Pressing | Black & White Mix $20ppd Kittyhawk - EP (Clear /100) $20ppd '68 - Midnight | 1st Pressing | Opaque Medium Blue/White | /575 $8ppd
  2. I know it's a long shot but my record store didn't get any copies of the Time Has Come 7". I own every other Bayside release so I'd like to buy or trade for it if I could. Shoot me a message if you are interested in selling a copy or take a look at my tradelist and let me know if you see something. A couple things off the top of my head I'd be willing to trade for it are: Braid // Balance and Composure - Split | 1st Pressing | Teal /500 Pianos Become The Teeth // Touche Amore | 1st Pressing | Gold /500 Title Fight // Touche Amore - Covers Split 7" | 1st Pressing | Red /1000 Thanks
  3. Well damn. Every single size of every single pre-order package is sold out, except for 2 CD packages. I had to hold out until I got paid tomorrow to be able to order but it looks like I'm out of luck. I'm kinda blown away at how fast these went.
  4. Been messaging back and forth with Danny from SRC the last few days. He explained the mishap in a little more detail and offered to refund me for my order and still ship it when it arrives from their distributor. I told him that a refund wasn't necessary but that I did appreciate it a ton....Just talking with him a little more gave me a better idea of the situation which was all I really wanted in the first place so to get that as well as a refund and still receive my order is pretty cool. Thanks Danny!
  5. Just want to clarify that I never said that I didn't believe what I was being told. Where did I say 'I don't believe the distro keeps forgetting to add the item I ordered' ? A few posts ago I did say "I just want to know that its on it way...which they have still yet to prove." That statement was in regards to my first email, sent 2 weeks after placing my order in which the response I got (on a Thursday) was that it would go out Friday or the following week. So 2 weeks later, when I posted in this thread I still hadn't seen any update to the shipping information of my order. Reading it again it is a bit of convoluted statement so its definitely my fault if that came across as accusing SRC of lying to me. My bad. All I meant is that I wanted to be able to pull up the tracking info and see that it is in transit. That is all. My apologies if I insinuated that I felt I was being lied to. The truthfulness of the email was never in question. But by saying that I'm "welcome to email the person" who keeps forgetting my item, but not actually including an email address to contact them makes the remark come off as sarcasm or at the very least, poor customer service. That's what this thread is for, discussing positive and negative customer service experiences. I'm not trying to complain. I understand the complications involved with e-Commerce and SCM. I work for an e-commerce company so I know that despite having all the best intentions, sometimes things do not go as expected. I appreciate the credit to my account and the time spent to respond to my inquiry, so thank you.
  6. Emailed Shop Radio Cast again yesterday and just got this response: "Hey! I apologies again for the delay but the distro has still not sent the picture disc. They forgot again. Your welcome to email the person who keeps forgetting to pack it with our orders but they told me today they are in our newest order which should be here tomorrow. Sorry again for the delay but that is the deal. Its going out the second it shows up in our warehouse. I added free shipping to your account for the delays as a compensation. (4.99$ was added to your store credit) Thanks, Danny" 1.) "They forgot again" 2.) Your welcome to email the person that keeps forgetting to pack it with our orders" --- REALLY? THAT'S NOT YOUR JOB? 3.) "Sorry again for the delay but that is the deal." Happy to just get a response and somewhat of an update (I guess?) but still....not very cool.
  7. Yeah, I have no problem waiting a little longer either. But when the item I purchase is listed as 'In Stock' and the first response from them says "It will go out tomorrow or the next day" and 2 weeks later there is still no tracking information for my order it gets frustrating...I just want to know that its on it way...which they have still yet to prove. Also, the fact that multiple people in this thread have written about getting responses from them saying almost the exact same thing in regards to an order being delayed because of a "miscommunication with the distributor".....
  8. So I ordered a record from Shop Radio Cast about a month ago and as you can probably guess....I still haven't received it. I really wish I would have search their name in this thread before ordering because had I seen everything that I just read, I never would have placed my order in the first place. I ordered 1 record on August 28 and the very next day I got a notification that it had been shipped. About 2 weeks later I emailed them to ask if it had in fact been shipped and where I might be able to track it since the tracking number associated with my order pulled up that it had been shipped but showed no date/location information. They said that the distributor hadn't actually sent it out, and that they send out the shipping notifications regardless and they send out those notifications based on the assumption that the distro is shipping out all their orders the day after they are placed....apparently... and that it was a "human error" but that my order would ship the very next day.... Here I am 2 weeks after receiving that email and still nothing.
  9. This album is fantastic! Would love to win a copy.