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  1. I can see why some people don't like it. Story is solid, but gameplay and such is different, Ugh, the card game pissed me off for some reason. Didn't make it much further than that. It was strange. The enemies and bosses levels were based on your levels. You could run through the game and beat it pretty east still. If you maxed out your levels, the end boss was fucking insane. Now I want to get a PSX/PS2 and replay it. I really regret selling my PS2. Also, one more achievement and I'm done with Apex Legends. Just need to win a game with Bangalore to get a win with all 8 legends. The game has been really annoying lately. Once I'm not broke anymore, I'll grab RE2 and KH3.
  2. VIII is my favorite by far. Never got into IX, despite trying a few times.
  3. Probably mookie, I can tell, and I’ve become what I’ve always hated. Anthony versions I bet.
  4. Thomas³

    Spare foot for Technics SL-D3?

  5. No need to do anything really. Grado gives you a tool to slide them in and out. In your case, you may need to remove the cartridge to do it, since you have a fixed headshell. Then realign it.
  6. Stylus on those cartridges are interchangeable. If it sounds good you should be good. If your worried, buy a new stylus. I recommend the 8MZ over the Gold. Same price, but better diamond (not sure if the gold is nude or bonded).
  7. Body is a Gold or Gold1. The 2 bodies are covered in a dampening material. Edit: Might be a 2? Hard to tell from the picture.
  8. Thomas³

    AT33PTG/II LOMC Cartridge

    This is a million times cheaper than you'd find on any "audiophile" auction site. Hell most would have more hours and sell for more. Still, VC is not exactly known for good equipment.
  9. Tons of Apex Legends. It's really satisfying to win, and the gun play is fun as hell (still a bit wonky). I find myself having fun, even when losing. Not getting angry like I do when I do shitty in Fortnite.
  10. Missed your post. I have yet to revisit it, but maybe I should. You experience is very similar to mine (obviously). I will finish it. I played it a bit yesterday. It is great. Never played Titanfall, so I'm getting used to the gun play and such. Despite getting destroyed most of the time, I'm really enjoying it. Titanfall 2 is on sale for $4.50 on xbox live, so grabbed that. Heard great things about the story and play Apex Legends made me want to try similar gunplay.
  11. Hahahaha... your signature Derek!
  12. Ignored me after I said my records were stolen. I guess it's not really their problem, but still sucks. Out $50.
  13. Thomas³

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    I bet. Hernias are also an issue after an appendectomy, if not careful. I think I'm in the clear.