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  1. Try vinylengine.com for the service manual.
  2. Guess the tour changed. It was mewithouyou, but they just announce one with Minus the Bear.
  3. Finished the first ending on Nier Automata. It was really easy for some reason. Hopefully the next play-throughs are shorter.
  4. Thomas³

    New Orleans suggestions?

    The Aquarium was really cool, but I was 10 when I went.
  5. Shitty I'm not the only one. Mine's got a pretty big warp too. Plays ok though. Same, but I just cued past it. Not a big deal.
  6. I got mine today. Sounds good for the most part, but there is some bad sibliance on some songs.
  7. The side quests suck. I hate fetch quests, tedious and boring. Still enjoying it outside that. Broke down and bought a fortnite season 5 battle pass.
  8. Thomas³

    Recent purchases

    Been a bit since I bought stuff, but the last few weeks I've grabbed stuff. Antarctigo Vespucci - The Essential A/V Vol. 1 (Metallic Gold) Cultural Abuse/Nothing Flexi 7" 07/05/18 Foxing - Nearer My God (2xLP Red) Her Space Holiday - The Young Machines (2xLP) Nothing - Dance On The Blacktop (Deluxe 2x12 )
  9. That shit looks good. I love 8bit style rpgs. No switch though :(.
  10. http://www.bullmoose.com/p/26904619/circa-survive-blue-sky-noise-cancelled Agreed
  11. Fuck RSD, guess I'll wait for another press (hopefully).
  12. I could say the same to you. Combat is fun, and the game is gorgeous once you're in the open world. Story is a bit slow and lacking.
  13. Started Nier:A John. A good mix of Hack and Slash, Bullet Hell and Schups for the combat. Saves are far apart, so don't die. Pretty fun so far, only about an hour in.
  14. Thomas³

    PO: Anthony Green- Avalon

    They sent me a new record priority mail, which showed up today. At least they are responsive and quick to fix issues.