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  1. Dumb list. The best reissues are done by good reissue labels like Analogue Productions or ORG Music. I bet most of those on that list were pressed from the CD master.
  2. Nice AP copy of headhunters. I just ordered that, I simply cannot get enough of Analogue Production's releases, they're probably my favorite record label along with Speaker's Corner.
  3. Honestly I don't think there's a release they've put out that I didn't really enjoy. ATL is one of my favorites though.
  4. My position is that if I can be an Athiest and still listen to Bach and all the other hyper religious classical music, then I'm pretty sure ASB will be manageable. Good art can stand on its own without the need to be able to directly relate to its pragmatic or ideological language. We can connect to it in other ways.
  5. Why are you even considering 4mwb when Mobile Fidelity has such an amazing Miles Davis series out right now? Most of them are better than the originals (and cheaper too).
  6. Then why the fuck haven't we gotten an audiophile AAA all-analog remastering/pressing of this shit then!? Somebody call ORG Music and make this happen.
  7. Pressings matter more to me when it involves different masters, and more importantly different sources (analog tape/hi res digital/etc). But for stuff like this, I would bet money that the reissue is going to sound close to identical to the first pressing (or hopefully better).
  8. Bullets is the only MCR album I ever really connected with. Really stoked on the prospect of not spending 100+ dollars on a copy.
  9. What's funny is as an American I always thought of Our Lady Peace as an indie band just because they never really had big exposure here aside from when Gravity came out. I'm willing to bet that at least their first few albums were recorded on tape and not with digital equipment (though I could be wrong), making them ripe for a good quality vinyl release. Would love to see a company like ORG or Mobile Fidelity tackle Clumsy or Naveed. The only vinyl release we managed to get out of them was Curve, and honestly they really stopped making music worth listening to after Healthy in Paranoid Times.
  10. That's a good deal, go for it. The Music Hall carts aren't any better than the rega carts (In fact they might be worse).
  11. For the money, go RP3. The build quality is better than the Music Hall. When you can afford it, put a dynavector or 2M black on that mother.
  12. That's a really really really bad idea. Don't turn your gear on and off via a powerstrip, you are just asking for trouble. Turn your preamp on first, and when you go to power down, turn your amp off first and preamp off last. It's also a good idea to refrain from turning components on and off excessively. When I turn my stack on in the morning, it usually stays on until I go to bed.
  13. The MFSL Dark Side sounds good, but the EQ is not what the artist intended. The New MFSL pressings are far more respectful of the source material. You really can't go wrong with them. You really do need a high fidelity stereo to hear their advantages though.
  14. NAD and Marantz have some great players in their current lineup. The entry level NAD is quite a steal at 200 bucks.