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  1. _unproductive

    Is dead format.........dead?

    moved it over to a google doc and haven't looked back... DF was easy but was really nothing more than an online excel doc
  2. _unproductive

    WTB: Hundred Suns The Prestaliis

    you can still buy the half&half variant ...tho its locked up in the dumb bundle
  3. _unproductive

    PO Soon: As Cities Burn - Come Now Sleep

    Come Now Sleep 2 LP thru solid state is 50% off today edit: its for all variants of CNS, not just the blue
  4. _unproductive

    Gatsby's American Dream

    still holding out hope that Overdue can get rights to press S/T
  5. 5 years ago I graduated college 3 years ago I proposed to @kimpossibl3 Today I got a little brunch drunk