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  1. tbh i was just to lazy to look through this: http://i.imgur.com/AVnqyo8.jpg?1 to find them lol
  2. I think I have some of the variants parkinglot doesnt have. maybe ill put them on ebay. heres the most recent pic i have but Id say theres probably 5 new things added since then. I barely even like twiabp anymore tho so if anyone wants to trade for OOP screamo records lmk https://31.media.tumblr.com/12632f08df9aa35a51b5fe6ea27ab0b1/tumblr_msztwauvvo1s66619o1_1280.jpg I have every variant of every tape too, just not pictured.
  3. http://www.discogs.com/buy/Vinyl/William-Bonney-Good-Vibes/169454816?ev=bp_titl
  4. yo, I have the what would your closest friends do, and starry cat tape for sale. make an offer.
  5. ive got the brush your teeth again tape for 22 shipped.
  6. make an offer on all 3 if you want. pm me for a picture.