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  1. I missed the Apparition PO too, but the "black galaxy swirl" is still available. Picked that up even though it will likely just be slightly transparent black haha. I did manage one of the 2 original Mortiferum variants, but it's delayed along with the Apparition stuff. Worm is good, I was grateful 20BS put out a second set pressing with the same delivery time as the B1-3 presses, because after listening I was sad I didn't buy - love the shift to more death influence for them. Edit: Oh, also that Hyperdontia is a sleeper hit. I can't stop listening to it. I REALLY regret missing the green/olive press. Will be keeping my eyes open for any once they start shipping. Great album.
  2. Some really great stuff out recently. Anybody else enjoying the year end releases? Apparition, 200 Stab Wounds, Hyperdontia, Worm, Mortiferum, Sijjin Relapse's 25th anniversary press of Dying Fetus' Purification Through Violence sounds great - and Peaceville's 2021 represses of Cancer's first 2 albums finally came in and both look and sound excellent.
  3. Some Dead Bodies vinyl PO for all their released stuff, shipping in June 2022 https://jemslabel.bigcartel.com/
  4. Imagine quintuple-posting on top of yourself in a thread for an album you've already said you disliked all 3 singles for. Mind blowing dedication to your craft of mindlessly copying and pasting stock updates and store links.
  5. It's aggravating like standing on the shore and throwing a flotation device to someone who is drowning and watch them refuse to grab it while they shout "somebody save me!". Either way, I'm on the shore. Just want to see you dry and listening to mp3s.
  6. I'm gonna drive to your house and download Soulseek for you and show you how to use it if I have to read this comment in another thread, lmao.
  7. It's UMG, really. They're both on UMG, Lana through Interscope but same thing.
  8. I love the weeknd but please don't buy this, anyone. lol. $60 before shipping. "best of" collection. on glitter vinyl. 😐
  9. I always require documentation of most recent tragedy and/or catastrophe before I even consider selling someone goods in exchange for currency. It's just good business.
  10. Definitely didn't expect the 1250 to sell out today, personally. So I guess I also thought they were less popular. Agreed that I much prefer 20BS to Nuclear Blast. Glad I got the Decibel variant, but this launch would have been better handled by 20BS.
  11. https://store.decibelmagazine.com/collections/vinyl/products/khemmis-deceiver-decibel-exclusive-seal-blue-olive-green-140g-vinyl Decibel variant is up
  12. Not sure if we're over the hype hump yet on this one --- but damn, man. I'm disappointed. If there was ever a Radiohead release that I was ready to drop $ on, it's Amnesiac. Just severely underwhelmed by the options this time around. Might end up picking up a white or red down the line if they're still available, but, dang. The 2 books tempted me the most, and if it wasn't $80+ for 2 coffee table books I'd skim once or twice and never again I'd probably pick them up. Think they missed the mark with this round. That said, I'll probably be proven wrong and when people have them in hand they'll be amazing and better than the AMSP/OKNOTOK deluxes etc. But, I'm feeling pretty okay about not dropping $120+ on this this morning like I thought I would - but at the same time feeling a little disappointed that I don't get to drop some decent dough on a cool Amnesiac pressing.
  13. My copy showed today - kinda cool to own this for the first time although I don't listen to it much these days. Red/Black split ended up looking more like a triple stripe variant, at least my copy. Black/dark maroon/red. Kind of interesting. Just glad to own it - due time for a nostalgic spin soon.
  14. Really need the Radiohead big brains in here to explain to me how they can make 43:57 and 49:56 playtimes sound good on single LPs. Someone please explain.
  15. Never thought I would be passing up Amnesiac special editions but here we are. Damn, I can't help but be a bit underwhelmed. The books would be cool, but, the shipping on the Radiohead site is crazy. Will keep my eyes peeled for other sources, I guess.
  16. Man. Torn on this one. OKNOTOK made sense. $120 for me to move from 2xLP copies to 1xLP copies of both albums, and it's white. The books both look really cool and I think I'd get more mileage out of those than the vinyl. But $16 shipping from the site for both books....
  17. No idea if these orders will get fulfilled, no idea if this is a new pressing and aftermarket value will plummet - YMMV. BUT - if you're like me and bought all the new Death pressings and look at the 2 Symbolic listings on Discogs every night for $110 and shake your head.... https://shop.revolvermag.com/products/death-symbolic-vinyl?_pos=1&_sid=e3c97d429&_ss=r Looks like the black is in stock currently at Revolver, and has been since 1:01pm EST at least.
  18. bound to be some decent metal out tomorrow for bandcamp friday, don't be shy if you see something. Dark Descent just sent out a message that Blood Incantation's Starspawn will have a repress up on Bandcamp tomorrow. I also think they are in-hand already, but I could be wrong.
  19. New Mortiferum album up at Profound Lore: https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/music/mortiferum-preserved-in-torment-vinyl-lp
  20. awwwwww sick! I LOVE that regular releases are on an 8 month release schedule because cool shit like this is getting pressed! 🙌 nevermind, it's lathe 🤣
  21. It spun longer than normal for me but then went through fine, emails showed up immediately. I think I was a bit early though, they advertised 9am PST drop time so, it's probably just gonna get worse for the next hour.
  22. Relapse just put up what looks like a new press of Nile's In Their Darkened Shrines, first press since 2015. https://relapsealumni.bandcamp.com/album/in-their-darkened-shrines
  23. first 3 Cannibal Corpse albums are up an hour early over at Metal Blade: https://www.indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords/c/vinyl
  24. Wild. I mean I guess there's always bands out there that sound like this, and they probably make decent money occasionally. But to me - this sounds like someone heard Watermelon Sugar High on the radio after listening to an old Boyslikegirls or Hit The Lights album and thought "man this would be so siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick combined broooooooooooooo" and then went into a studio and shat out this polished turd of sound.

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