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  1. paging @Wasda Deelwifkramer looks like a feast for you
  2. "new plates, but make 'em WORSE" - warner brothers or whoever.
  3. I doubt anyone grabbed extras since it was limited to 1 per person. But did see this: Sounds like Disney will have some copies of their own. I'd guess 200-300 because I believe ~4700 was the starting inventory on Mondo this morning .
  4. The extent of my charitable contributions for the year.
  5. There's nothing wrong with an AT-LP60 for a first table, it will suck having to wait and save up a bit more and get some decent speakers - but you'll be way happier for much longer going that route over the instant-play Crosley.
  6. At least we got a kinda-Weeknd/OPN track but yeah, underwhelming.
  7. If this is still about Hail the Void I'm pretty sure they'll have copies available once they've got it pressed and ready to go.
  8. someone here might want this, man. This is WasdaWorld , where we sell WasdaWares - Your number 1 source for things that should have never been made.
  9. hey cool so $27 shipped for 4 songs I used to listen to 19 years ago... hopefully i'll talk myself out of it in the next 48 hours.
  10. $18.50 after service fees. I guess it's not bad if people are fans of both bands, or at least the headliner. I was only along for the ride for FoH, who don't even have merch for this show, so /shrug I guess. I could see springing $10 just to see what it's like for people on the fence, but I'd rather just buy a record if I'm gonna drop nearly 20 bucks.
  11. woah. Salem had another record? time to check out some singles, I guess. Is witchhouse back?! Let's get a King Night repress going while we are at it, Salem.
  12. Yeah, teaser vid says 12pm then I saw someone affiliated with the show say 5pm GMT (which is 1pm EST)... but fullofhell just posted another teaser that says 12pm. So, 12 it is. Same link as before.
  13. you'd like that wouldn't you. can you at least start using referral tagged URLs so I can pretend there's a reason?

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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