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  1. After getting the response from DDW I held my record under a bright light for a good solid 30 seconds https://i.imgur.com/25A6KV2h.jpg and managed to get it to glow https://i.imgur.com/CWYnPX6h.jpg. I'm familiar with other glow in the dark items and records but usually they are a bit stronger without having to "charge" it so much.
  2. I also ordered the GITD version but got this: https://i.imgur.com/s41lVtZ.jpg which looks nothing like the "blue" advertised nor does it glow in the dark http://www.dbldblwhmmy.com/news/posts/10830-hatchie-without-a-blush-full-length-album-keepsake-out-6-21 I emailed them about it as well. I did get the keychain though.
  3. Anyone know if there are still plans for the super fancy deluxe+ collectors edition Lorde mentioned in the original tweets announcing these? She said later in the year and the year is ending. Wondering if it's still planned as I've held off on the deluxe for it.
  4. Looks like the remaining copies will be at the Turntable Lab NYC storefront according to the discogs entry they just made. Really bummed I missed this.
  5. Uncut magazine interview with Shields says that there is a 2xLP 45rpm of Loveless also in the works.
  6. All from when Coachella used to have the Zia artist signing tent. With Grimes I turned around to say hi to her dancers (cause they were awesome that year) and she just decided to draw a totoro on the vinyl for some reason (we talked about it a little bit she had posted some recent miyazaki stuff on her blog) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I also got Kate Tempest sign her LP when she had a talk at the LA library recently.
  7. https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/373970331 I like how even Amoeba is flipping this
  8. 7" of Pinkshinyultrablast's Ravestar Supreme available: http://store.clubac30.com/products/545746-pinkshinyultrablast-ravestar-supreme
  9. Deluxe Tri-Color available directly from his site: http://fatherjohnmisty.merchline.com/products/i-love-you-honeybear-cd-lp-deluse-lp-mp3-download Not shipping until after March so I'm guessing these will be fixed/unwarped.
  10. I'm guessing this is the bootleg that was released late last year in Europe.
  11. I was about to ask this - isn't glitter very bad for record playing? I remember animal collective or someone did something similar and it was basically unplayable.
  12. The keywords OLI is using for the albums on the site: debut - beige, silver post - pink homogenic - green vespertine - white medulla - black, dark brown volta - red, neon green biophilia - copper, electric blue
  13. They sent a ton of posters this time around. If anyone is interested in trading a signed Glass Candy Beatbox for a signed Desire II or signed Tick of the Clock send me a note.